Real Talk: Putting Things Into Perspective

The College Admission process is a fun and exciting time- but let's be real, we know it can be stressful as well.
Things to remember as you get started & throughout the whole process:

  • Searching for a school is like shopping for jeans... just because American Eagle jeans fit your friend well doesn't mean they will also fit you well! 

  • Don't concern yourself with other's paths- your job is to develop a path that works for you and aligns with your plans (aka wear jeans that fit you!) :)

  • Put your best foot forward in regards to what you can control, but remember, a lot of things in this process are out of your control! 

    • Colleges are businesses. They have qualities and demographics they are looking for when they admit a class, you can't control those metrics. 

  • Have an open mind- just because you don't see the pennant hanging in room A110 or as a bumper sticker on cars doesn't mean it isn't a good school! This is about what works best for you and what opportunities you will have there. 

  • Focus on an intentional college list- if you really have no interest in attending a school, why apply? Save that admission spot for someone else and focus your time and attention on schools that are a better fit.

"Judging a college by the grades and scores of the freshmen it selects is like judging the quality of a hospital by the
health of the patients it admits. What happens during the stay is what counts.” - Loren Pope, author of Colleges that Change Lives

Putting Ivy League schools into perspective: Numbers don't lie There are simply too many qualified students than there are spots available in these highly selective schools. That does not mean you should not apply, but you should be equipped with this knowledge so you can manage your expectations throughout this process. 

Thank you to CollegeWisefor this information (Webinar, 2021)

Reality Chart detailing the number of applicants to Ivy League colleges Slide Shows Harvard 1st year class of 1st years is 1,650 Total Ivy 14,536 Class of 2021 Valedictorian and Senior Class Presidents 33, 800

Need help putting things into perspective? Check out the US News College Personality Quiz for some clarity! 

Advice from Our Counselors

Mrs. Kool-Behr:  "In the words of Frank Bruni....'Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be'......Admission to a certain college is not an assessment of your worth...if it does not go your way, that is OKAY, and you will take a different route...the experience is what YOU make it, wherever you go." 

Mrs. Murphy: "Throughout this process don't forget what is really important- considering personal strengths such as persistence, warmth, authenticity, and sense of humor which can all catapult you to future success in your careers and life."

Mr. Barbato: "Searching for the 'right' college shouldn't be like finding a needle in a haystack. Remember that there are many colleges that can meet your needs. Think about what you'd like in a school but also keep an open mind along the way"