High school counselors will schedule three-way conferences that include the parent(s)/ guardian(s), the student, and the school counselor during the school day preferably during a time that the student has free time including study or lunch. Families will be notified through School Messenger regarding the scheduling of conferences. All conferences are scheduled through the parent portal during a designated window of time. 

MP1 - Senior Conferences

MP2- Freshman Conferences

MP3 - Junior Conferences

MP4 - Optional Sophomore Conferences 

Senior Conferences

Senior conferences take place in the Fall of Senior year. The focus of the senior conference is on post-secondary placement and may include discussion on 4-year, 2-year colleges and universities, career schools, employment, and/or military options.  Procedural considerations for applying to college are explained.  Conferences are scheduled through the parent portal. Parents and students are encouraged to view the time slots in the portal together in order to ensure you select a day/time that does not conflict with an academic course (i.e. study hall or lunch periods are preferred).  Once you have selected a date and time please mark it in your calendar as our online system does not have the ability to send reminders.

 How to Schedule a Conference:

  1. Please login to the Parent Portal and click on the conferences tab

  2. Click on request a conference

  3. Select a date range to view available time slots.

  4. Select the day and time you prefer and click reserve.

Prior to the senior conference, we ask students to complete the following:

  1. If college bound- Update your list of colleges under “Colleges I Am Applying To” in Naviance at least 3 days prior to your conference. This will provide your counselor enough time to review your list and offer feedback. 

  2. Student and parent sign the Transcript Release Form online.

  3. Review the agenda prior to the meeting. 

Freshman Conferences

Freshman conferences take place in the winter. The primary topic for the freshman conference is transition and will include understanding the role of the school counselor, how to maintain strong grades, understanding the graduation requirements, extracurricular activities, and in general making the most 

Junior Conferences

The Junior conference takes place in the 2nd semester. It serves to equip students and parents/guardians with specific information including tools and resources needed for preparing for the selection of post-secondary placements based on student interest and readiness. 

Sophomore Conferences (optional)

These are optional and take place in the 2nd semester. Counselors fully recognize that students develop at varying rates and so the conference will vary depending on the identified need. It may include information on testing, exploration of various options with coursework, summer opportunities, volunteerism etc... It may also include references to career and pre-college planning.