Student Assistance and Well-Being

The purpose of the program is to assist students who are experiencing difficulty. As Master's level counselors we provide support counseling services in a confidential space. A student may be experiencing a number of difficulties including:

  • Alcohol and other drug problems

  • Family crisis- divorce, separation, illness or death

  • Poor self image, self esteem

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Trouble with friends or family members

  • Feeling sad or lonely

  • Relationships

  • Eating disorders

  • Academic struggles

Students can refer themselves or a friend or family member can refer a student. Faculty members can also refer students.

All referrals are kept confidential.

Telehealth Referral Form

Free telehealth counseling provided by school district counselors is available to students after school hours. Parents may self refer their child for these virtual services using the the telehealth referral form.

Meet the Staff

Heather Flaherty


Chatham High School
(973) 457-2505 ext. 2074

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Abbey Rabinovich


Chatham Middle School
(973) 457-2506 ext. 3036

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Assistant Superintendent Student Support Services

Dr. Emily Sortino

Supervisor Student Support Services

Kate Desantis

Counseling Services


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