Regular attendance by all students in the public schools of the State of New Jersey is a well-established, long-standing state policy. The objective of our policy is to maximize the day-to-day attendance of our students at Chatham High School so that they may realize the greatest benefits of classroom instruction and activity. The process of education requires regular continuity of instruction through classroom participation, learning experiences, and study in order to reach the goal of maximum educational benefits for each student.

Absence Verification

Parents should notify the school before 9:40 a.m. on the morning of a student’s absence. Written verification of the absence by parents or guardians shall be presented to the main office upon the student’s return to school (providing the specific reason for the absence is strongly encouraged; i.e., college visits, driver’s license, routine doctor’s visit, etc.). If a student has been instructed to remain out of school by a physician due to a communicable or severe illness, the parent should supply a physician’s note in order to excuse the absence.

The CHS attendance office can be reached at:

Mrs. Suzanne Bassolino

Email Suzanne Bassolino
(973) 457-2505 ext. 2003

Attendance FAQ's

If my student is passing all of their classes, why does their attendance matter?

The NJ DOE defines Chronic Absenteeism as a student missing 10% or more of their classes. Course credit is issued based on the student’s grade and their accumulated seat time. If a student misses 10% of their required class sessions, they are placed on loss of credit status.

What is Provisional Credit Status?

Provisional Credit Status is a final warning/review before a student reaches loss of credit status. Students and their family should review their attendance history, submit documentation from medical providers or college admissions to the attendance office, and discuss a plan to ensure the student does not continue to miss school or arrive late. Seniors on Provisional Credit Status will lose open campus privileges for one week.

What is Loss of Credit Status?

A student who has been placed on loss of credit status will remain in the course but is at risk for not earning credit despite the grade earned. A student and their family may appeal this decision by appearing before the attendance appeal committee/principal. The committee/principal will determine whether credit may be restored at the end of the year. Seniors on Loss of Credit Status will lose open campus privileges for one month. 

Is the Absence Excused If I Enter a Note in the Parent Portal?

If a note is entered in the Parent Portal it will be recorded in the student’s attendance totals as “Excused”. This confirms that the absence was approved by the parent. However, the absence still counts toward a student’s loss of credit totals. 

Please refer to page 16 of the Student Handbook for additional information.

Attendance Notifications/Thresholds

Attendance Warning (50%)

Provisional Credit

Loss of Credit

Semester Course

4 absences

6 absences

8 absences

Full-Year Course

8 absences

13 absences

16 absences

Disciplinary Actions for Late Arrival

Classroom teachers record student tardiness to class in Genesis. Students will be issued a central detention at the following times:

Semester Course

4th tardy (attendance warning letter)

6th tardy (provisional credit status)

8th tardy (loss of credit status)

Full-Year Course

4th tardy

8th tardy (attendance warning letter)

13th tardy (provisional credit status)

16th tardy (loss of credit status)