Chatham High School will administer the PSAT/NMSQT to interested Grade 11 Students. We encourage all juniors to take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for the SAT and to be considered for National Merit Scholarship recognition.  

PSAT/NMSQT DATE - Wednesday, October 12,2022

Registration Window: CLOSED

Registration Cost:  Grade 11 students must pay the $19.00 fee for the PSAT through Pay Schools 

Registration Confirmation: Your payment of $19 on Pay Schools will count as your registration. Ordering of the actual exam materials will be based on these registrations, no further steps are required. 

Students who register can stop by the counseling office for a PSAT informational booklet. You can also find the student guide online

Important PSAT Notes

  • The Educational Testing Service (ETS) will only permit a student to take the PSAT once per year.

  • Consequently, juniors who take the test at Chatham High School administration may not take the test on Saturday elsewhere.

  • Juniors who opt to take the PSAT will have to pay the $18.00 fee on Pay Schools

  • ETS will provide students with an online score report. Students who already have a College Board Account must use the email associated with that account when they grid their answer sheets. Students who do not have a College Board account will use the email that they provided on the PSAT answer sheet to create a College Board account. 

  • Test score ranges and student information are reported to colleges when a student answers yes to the student search question on any test administered by ETS.  Juniors will be encouraged to consider the option to answer “yes” to this question, as this is a common beginning step in the college selection process.


The Pre-ACT is offered to 10th grade students in the Fall.
More information will be sent to 10th grade students and families. 

The Pre-ACT is designed to be a predictor of success on the ACT, an early indicator of college readiness. Students will be tested in English, mathematics, reading, and science. On the score reports, students will receive an estimated ACT test score as well as their results from the career interest inventory section of the test to assist students with identifying possible career paths.  Chatham High School will offer an opportunity to take the new Pre-ACT to all interested sophomores. As this assessment is optional, families who wish their sophomore to take the Pre-ACT are asked to register through .The cost of taking the assessment during the school day under secure testing conditions is $14 per student.  As we must order testing materials well in advance of the test date, the test fee of $14  is non-refundable.  The Pre-ACT will begin promptly at 7:40 a.m.  All students should bring sharpened #2 pencils and a calculator.  Students are not allowed to bring food, drinks, or cell phones into the testing site. Testing is expected to last until about 11:30. 


The PSAT 10 is offered to 10th grade students in the Spring. More information will be sent to 10th grade students and families. 

Please contact Ms. Sleight or your counselor with any additional questions.

How to Access Your PSAT Results 

All  students in grade 11 who registered, took the PSAT/NMSQT assessment in October or the PSAT 10 in the Spring.  In order to access these reports students must create an account on The College Board website. Students who took these assessments may access a personalized practice program on Khan Academy by linking their College Board Accounts with a free account on Khan Academy. The steps for creating a College Board Account and linking your account to Khan Academy are listed below.

**Note** :  The College Board is independent of CHS. Our CHS staff does not have access to troubleshoot creating an account or accessing data on their site.  You can access help at: Phone: 866-433-7728 or contact the PSAT department.

Creating Your College Board Account

1. Go to Student Scores College Board

  • If you already have a College Board account you may login with that account and skip to step 3

  • If you login with a previously created account and do not see your scores click on ADD SCORES to retrieve your scores.

2.  Click- Sign Up 

  • Complete all of the required fields

  • Students who supplied an email address during the gridding process on the test day should use the same email address.

  • When asked to provide a zip code use your home zip code in both places. 

  • The username requires the inclusion of a number

  • Write down the email, username, and password that you use. This will be your account throughout all of high school! 

 3.  After you verify the required information your score report will be available. 

  • If you do not see a score report then click "ADD SCORES" in order to retrieve your scores. 

  • If you receive an error when logging in, The College Board has recommended that you refresh your browser.  

  • For additional information regarding the score reports visit the PSAT/NMSQT Page on the College Board Website.

  4.  Accessing your personalized practice program on Khan Academy

Within your score report will be links provided to access a personalized practice program on Khan Academy. After creating a Khan Academy account you may link your College Board Account. This process will sync your PSAT score data with Khan Academy and develop a personalized practice program based on your results for free! How to understand your score reports

Free Personalized Preparation from Khan Academy based on your scores