National Honor Society

Advisor: Mr. Henderson


Students who meet the academic requirement of a 3.65000 unweighted GPA or higher will receive a notification of eligibility via their school e-mail at the start of the Junior year. This e-mail will contain application information and due dates. Requirements for admittance include:

  • A completed application

  • Appropriate evidence of

    • Leadership

    • Good character and academic honesty

    • 25 hours of qualified service to people who are in physical,

      emotional or academic need

The above will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee to determine those applicants who will be accepted to the organization. The committee will consist of five faculty members who may not be an NHS co-advisor.


Character: Student must demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability, cooperate with school regulations, demonstrate concern for others, take Chatham High School Student Handbook Page 12 criticism, and accept recommendations graciously. A student who has a recorded cheating incident on file will not be eligible for membership.

Leadership: Student must demonstrate leadership ability in classroom and organization work in promoting school activities and/or successfully held school office.

Service: Student must possess a record of having rendered service to the school community, represented the school in various types of activities, and worked supportively with other students, teachers, and members of the community.

Academic Excellence: Student must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.65000 or higher to be accepted into the National Honor Society.

Once admitted, members must pay dues, meet both academic and service requirements and attend the end of year induction ceremony in order to maintain membership.

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