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Mike Curran

Media Specialist

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Linda Gallart

Information Tech

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Information Tech

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Information Tech

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Media Center Use

Students may utilize the media center prior to the start of the day, at lunch, as well as after school. Students may work in the LMC during the school day with a pass from a teacher or under the supervision of a teacher in class.

Students may access the Internet through the computers available in the media center to work on classwork or class related assignments. Wi-Fi is also available so that students may access the Internet using computers brought from home or their district Chromebooks.

Students are welcome to check out materials during the school day by visiting the circulation desk at the front of the media center.

Students may also check out classroom assigned textbooks at the circulation desk for use in the LMC or in study hall.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing useful and relevant information and resources to the students and staff of Chatham High School.