Middle School Transition Resources

To help ease your child's transition to Chatham Middle School, here are some resources and information that will be provided on the first day.

Welcome to 6th Grade

Extended Homeroom

Homeroom will be extended to permit time for students to get their lockers, locks, and combinations, as well as receive their agenda, ensure they know what classes they need to go to during the day and where the classrooms are located, and who to connect with if they have not received their Chromebooks yet.


Students are provided with a locker number and are instructed not to share lockers with anyone nor their locker combination.

Students will practice opening their locks using their combinations. This video can be used to help students with opening their locks.


Students will be provided with an agenda and will be instructed to write their names in their agendas and fill in their class schedule.

Students learn the difference between blocks and classes.

  • Blocks: time slots of the day that do not change (there are 8 blocks in a day).

  • Classes: the actual courses that students have. These rotate every day.

blank schedule

Blank Schedule

Code of Conduct

Students will review the Code of Conduct, which is also located within their agenda.

Chromebook Expectations

  • Chromebooks are not for playing games.

  • Please take care of your chromebook.

  • Charge at home EVERY night.

  • Bring to school EVERY day.

  • Be prepared to use in EVERY class.

  • Being unprepared for class could impact your class grade.

  • If you don’t have your chromebook you will be expected to make up the work on your own time.

Composing Emails to Teachers

At Chatham Middle School, you may need to reach out to your teachers via email. During the first few days of school, students will learn how to email their teachers using their district issued email account. Here are few things to remember:

Sending an Email