Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The essential intent of the Office of Curriculum & Instruction is to promote and ensure clarity, equity, purpose, and coherence in district curricular and instructional programming. 

Curriculum Overview

A primary role of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is to see that the curriculum for the School District of the Chathams is aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and continues to be relevant and engaging to our students.  To achieve this, the curriculum is considered a living document, one that is subject to ongoing revision and evaluation to reflect teacher observations and identification of the needs of our students.  

This site provides the curriculum for students in grades kindergarten through grade twelve.  These curriculum documents, representing courses in all content areas, allow us to share our instructional program with members of our school community.  Each curriculum document specifies the standards being covered in each course, identifies the learning objectives and performance tasks for our students, and articulates the essential questions which frame the particular area of inquiry.  Among our Chatham faculty, these documents promote the identification of cross curricular connections.  Additionally, they serve as a basis for aligning the curriculum vertically and identifying gaps or areas of repetition. 

Course Progressions

District Reports and Publications

State Assessment

New Jersey school districts, charter schools and renaissance school projects are required by statute (N.J.S.A. 18A: 7C-6.6) to annually notify parents or guardians by October 1 of any statewide student assessment or commercially developed standardized assessment that will be administered over the course of the school year.

Virtual Instruction Plan

NJ Student Learning Standards