About Our School

About Chatham Middle School

The mission of Chatham Middle School is to provide a secure, stimulating learning environment in which students find both challenge and support.  Our school fosters a fundamental respect for oneself, the environment, and the world's diverse population, which recognizes the unique and complex nature of the middle school student.  Chatham Middle School offers broad exposure to, and opportunities for, exploration so that individual interests and strengths can be developed.  We encourage intellectual risk-taking, responsibility for one's actions, and the development of strong interpersonal relationships.  Our school promotes learning that is relevant and establishes connections to the outside world, so that students may become successful, responsible and contributing citizens.

One unique feature of the middle school is its house plan organization. Each grade level is divided into three groups of students and three teaching teams; this creates a smaller, more intimate atmosphere for our students.  Additionally, this provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary exploration, team teaching, cooperative planning and instruction and closer monitoring of student progress.

Chatham Middle School is proud of the feeling of community which results from students, teachers, administrators, and parents working together. Our student population of approximately 960 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders is joined by three administrators, four full-time counselors, a full-time nurse, and over seventy teaching staff members. Our emphasis is on a shared goal- the success of each and every student.

Chatham Middle School boasts strong curricula in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Our academic program is enhanced by our classes in art, music, theater, physical education, health, family and consumer science, technology, writing across genres, and literature.  Both our Special Education and our General Education programs are designed to best meet the needs of our students.  Chatham Middle School offers a  variety of clubs and activities that help to round out our students' overall middle school experience.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

  • The pursuit of educational excellence involves the appreciation of different learning styles.

  • A critical part of the learning process is to promote life-long learning.

  • Every student should feel valued as an individual.

  • A school should be a safe environment.

  • A school should promote life-long physical fitness and emotional wellbeing.

  • A school should foster the development of independent thinking.

  • Technology plays a vital role in the enhancement of instruction and learning.

  • Successful schools are an integral part of a strong community.

  • A school should foster personal and academic integrity.

  • Schools should encourage students to be positive contributors to their communities.

  • High expectations are critical to personal achievement.

  • Respect for the diverse ideas and beliefs of others is essential to providing a safe and supportive environment.