Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to view my child’s grades and attendance?

We offer Genesis Parent Portal Access.  There is a link on CMS’s homepage.

How do I get a Genesis login for Parent Portal?

Email the Central Office Registrar

How do we choose electives for the next academic school year?

We post electronic electives election forms near the end of the school year which are available on our website.  You will be notified when the forms are open and available.

Are there parent/teacher conferences at CMS?

We do not have parent/teacher conferences.  We accommodate throughout the year as needed.  Each team meets multiple times throughout the week which could be used as conference times.  You can contact the team leader to schedule a conference if needed.

Can my child drop or add electives once the school year has began?

There is a two week drop/add period at the beginning of the semester.  A note from the child’s guardian is needed to drop courses.

What if I have a concern about a specific subject area for my child?

We always recommend contacting the teacher first to discuss the concern.

If I am going through a family issue, should I let my child’s counselor know?

Yes.  Please do contact us.  We are here to support your child in school and offer resources as needed.

How can my child access the school counselor during the school day?

Students can ask their teacher to go to the counseling office if it is urgent. If not urgent, they can come down between classes, during cycle, physical education, electives, or lunch to talk or to make an appointment.