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Orchestra at Lafayette!

Orchestra in the School District of the Chathams is an extensive program of study that is well known and highly regarded throughout the state.  Our students participate in ensembles- locally and in the tri-state area- including: Pops Orchestra, Morris-Union Jointure Commission Orchestra, New Jersey Youth Symphony Orchestra, Region, All-State, and All-Eastern Orchestras.

The following link will take you to the weekly lesson schedule for string lessons. If you or your child has a question about what lesson group they are in, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Orchestra Lesson Schedule

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Course Expectations

  • Bring instrument and music folder to each lesson and applied music.

  • Attendance at all lessons and applied music rehearsals. 

  • Check the posted schedule for lesson/applied music times. 

  • Practice instrument at home in preparation for lessons and orchestra. 

  • Respect for your fellow classmates and instrument. 

At Lafayette, we use the method book "Orchestra Expressions."  You can find this book in SmartMusic or at one of the local music stores. 

All violin students will need a shoulder sponge and all cellists will need a cello strap.

To practice or not to practice?

In string playing, practice is vitally important!!! Just like a sport, it is a very physical endeavor which must be reinforced on a daily basis.  It should become a part of each child's daily routine.  Practice should occur in a nice quiet spot!  Encourage your child to "perform" what they are learning for you at home!

Practice goals for Lafayette students are to practice one hour per week- divided over five days of the week. Regular practice is essential for success in acquiring new skills and learning the material for our concerts.  Here at Lafayette, we have an incentive program to reward students for their practice time.  Students are given a sticker for each hour of practice that is signed by parents.  Stickers are accumulated for prizes; prizes include music pencils, toy instruments, and more.

Join Orchestra at Chatham Middle School!

Come join us next fall!

Some of the Orchestral opportunities available for you at Chatham Middle School are:

  • String Orchestra

  • Pops Orchestra

  • New Jersey Region I Orchestra (by Audition)

  • Morris Union Jointure Commission Orchestra

  • Trips, Concerts, Pizza Parties

  • 8th Grade Music Festival Trip 

Sign up for Orchestra at CMS via the "Genesis Parent Portal"

Any inquiries may be sent to the Orchestra Director- email Suzanne Bass.

Music Tutoring

The Chatham Music Tutoring Program

If interested, contact your child’s band/orchestra teacher or contact email Sophia Azzaro or email Brian Becker.

Is your child a part of the music program? Are they struggling to keep up on their instrument, considering quitting, or are they ahead and interested in learning more?  The music tutoring program could be just right! Chatham’s music tutoring is a new program working to keep young students interested in the arts throughout their school careers and throughout life. 

Who are the tutors?  

The tutors are encouraging, committed, and hardworking high schoolers who are involved in the music department. When your child is signed up, they will be paired with a compatible high schooler who plays the given instrument. You will be given their information and you can schedule lessons at your convenience. This is a free program designed to help the music department, high schoolers, and your child.