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Band at Lafayette!

4th and 5th graders at LAF can choose to learn a band instrument and make music with their friends! LAF band students will explore learning new instruments in the Applied Music (large ensemble) and Lesson (small group) setting. 

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To Practice or Not to Practice?

Please, choose to practice!  Although students will usually play their instruments twice a week in school (once in lessons and once in band), there is no substitute for regular practice at home. After all, this is a new activity for most students, and it involves new skills with muscles that may not have been used in this way before.  

When practicing at home, students can:

  1. hear themselves without listening to others

  2. make adjustments in their tone (how their instrument sounds)

  3. give their body a chance to repeat skills learned in weekly lessons so that they become automatic.  

  4. gain the confidence they need to succeed!

Ideally, students should practice approximately one hour per week

Please break that time up so that practice time is about 15 minutes, four times a week. 

Older students will be able to practice for longer periods of time. 

In the beginning, students may be practicing on their mouthpieces for a while before putting their whole instrument together.  This is excellent practice!  Playing on the mouthpiece will give students the opportunity to "teach" their mouth muscles (embouchure, in musical terms) what to do. When putting the whole instrument together, students will have to think about where to place their fingers for each note and they won't have to worry about their embouchure as much.  

Welcome to Beginning Band!

We are so excited to have your child in the Lafayette Beginning Band. Here are a few things you should know: