Health, Physical Education, and Wellness

Essential Intent

The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to discover and grow the gifts within each child.

The Comprehensive Health, Physical Education and Wellness Department accomplishes this intent by providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle, while fostering positive attitudes toward maintaining health and wellness throughout their lifespan.

New Jersey mandates all students participate in a comprehensive health and physical education program with specific requirements for time and content. Our curriculum profiles (see tab at left) were created using the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS).  Parents with questions regarding the content within these profiles, should contact their child's health or physical education teacher. 

Course Progression

Why Teach Physical Education

Benefits of Physical Education

  • Increases student participation in lifetime activities that promote, support and maintain wellness

  • Fosters ongoing participation and enjoyment of sports and physical activity

  • Strengthens fitness including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition

  • Improves student motor skills and coordination

  • Strengthens student abilty to focus 

  • Promotes team-building and leadership skills

  • Connects school and community 

  • Fosters good sportsmanship

  • Shapes confidence and promotes social and cultural awareness

  • Allows students to make connections and form relationships

  • Promotes social and cultural awareness amongst students

  • Builds on the use of mindfulness techniques for increased focus or relaxation

Why Teach Health

Benefits of Health Classes

  • Increases student participation in lifetime activities that promote, support and maintain wellness

  • Enables students to practice health-enhancing behaviors

  • Enhances ability for students to become competent consumers

  • Develops student ability to recognize, understand and address health issues

  • Empowers students to develop dependable support systems

  • Develops student personal, interpersonal and life skills

  • Promotes understanding of the body systems and how the systems function  

  • Strengthens the ability to recognize, analyze and react to unhealthy or dangerous situations in a safe and appropriate manner