Business Ed. & Family Consumer Science

Business Education

Grades: 9-12 
Chatham High School 

Supervisor: Steve Maher

The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to discover and grow the gifts within each child.  The Business Department accomplishes this intent by instilling in students an economic literacy and competence while strengthening their basic reading, writing, mathematical, and interpersonal skills.  Current course offerings provide experiences to equip students with foundational knowledge about business enterprise and to develop skills necessary to become an educated consumer and citizen.

The Chatham High School Business Department is dedicated to providing 21st century courses that introduce business concepts and develop skills required in today's marketplace. To accommodate our student body, all courses are presented in a single semester format and furnish students with enlightened perspectives of the real world in which they will participate following their formal education.

Some courses focus on developing life skills, such as managing money, developing a credit identity, investing, and finding a job.  Some courses serve to divulge an immersive view of the business world, exploring how businesses operate and communicate within our society.  Other courses guide future entrepreneurs step-by-step through the process of owning a business and developing an effective business plan.

Suggested Course Sequence

Business Education Courses at Chatham High School

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Family Consumer Science

All curriculum is based off the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  The resource that is used to support teachers as they deliver the curriculum may change.  With a shift in resource, there may be a change in the sequence or grouping of content. By the end of each course, material in each of the units listed in the curriculum profile will be taught.