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Upcoming College and Career Events for Juniors

Junior students and families,


We acknowledge that some of you may be beginning to think about your Senior year and time after CHS. While we continue to advise and counsel our Senior students throughout their process, in order to best serve our Juniors, we are providing you with details on upcoming Junior College & Career Planning programming; essentially, a roadmap of what to expect for the process moving forward. 


Please be reassured that the below timeline is appropriate for the Junior College Search. In your junior conference with your counselor, you will be provided with more personalized information and individualized steps moving forward. 


Thinking of visiting a campus? Here are a few resources to utilize and make the most of your visit:


Can’t make it to a visit, or not ready yet? (there is still plenty of time!) Check these resources out in the meantime:

Upcoming Junior Programming:


Junior Classroom Meetings

Monday January 6, 2020- Friday January 10, 2020

The counseling department will be meeting with all junior students during their PE classes to go over Naviance resources, beginning steps to the process and much more. 


Junior College Planning Night:

Monday January 13, 2019- 6:30pm, CHS Auditorium

Members from the counseling department will provide a presentation on the college process, covering the basis, using Naviance and more.


Parent College Forum: Spring (TBD) - A panel discussion regarding the college process. 


Junior Conferences:

February- April

Portal will open the end of January. Emails will go out once it is open. 

A conference between you, your counselor and parents/guardians. This will be a more detailed and personalized meeting to go over plans after CHS, interests, potential college lists, etc… 

Students interested in pursuing College after CHS should come prepared to the meeting with a list of a few schools in mind. 


Lunch Drop-In Hours:

The College & Career office continues to have open Drop-in Hours during Lunch: every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. All students are welcome to stop by!