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Juniors & Seniors - Information Regarding College Rep Visits

Juniors and Seniors,

Starting this Wednesday we will be welcoming College Representatives back to campus to meet with Junior and Senior students during the school day. This is a great way to get to know different colleges and have your questions answered without needing to travel to the actual schools! 

College Reps will be visiting beginning on Wednesday, September 7 until Mid November As of today we have 118 visits scheduled! You can see the schedule here: Fall 2022 Rep Visits Database. Please note reps are still scheduling visits so this is a live document. I will update students via Schoology when new colleges schedule.

These visits will be offered in 2 formats:

  1. Rep is visiting in-person

  2. Rep is remote and live streamed with the ability for 2-way communication

Regardless of format, students will be attending these in person during the school day. 

In order to successfully take advantage of these visits you will need to follow all of the directions.

Sign up is through Naviance, and must be done 48 hours in advance. Registration is required. This year an accurate count of and list of attendees is imperative prior to the visit. No registration? No visit!

How to Register:

Log-in to Naviance--- Click on Colleges--- Under Research Colleges select College Visits  Since these take place during the school day, it is important that you ask your teacher ahead of time and let them know when you register. *If a teacher does not think it is appropriate for you to miss class, or you did not let them know ahead of time, they have the authority to prohibit you from attending. Please respect our teachers and their valuable  classroom time during this college rep visit season!

Before the visit:

  1. Register 48 hours in advance on Naviance. Registration closes after 48 hours

  2. Let your teacher know via email you are attending the visit and will be missing class

Day of visit:

  1. Check in at class to remind your teacher of your visit.

    1. Show your Naviance registration confirmation

      1. The image below is the page/screen you need to show your teachers.

  1. Head to visit location- generally in room A110 unless otherwise noted

  2. Sign in at the turnstile for attendance

  3. If the visit ends early you will be sent back to class 

This is a wonderful opportunity, but also a privilege! Those that do not follow policies may not be able to attend future visits.