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Jr. College & Career Updates- April

Hi Junior Class & Families,

While the health and safety of our community is most important during this time The Counseling Office wants to also emphasize the importance of mental health, especially for our students. The Counseling Office is acutely aware that the world we live in often unintentionally ties mental health to the College and Career process.

Usually this time of year brings college visits, fairs, in person conferences with counselors, and more but given our unique circumstances those options are incredibly limited/unavailable. While college conversations don’t take precedence these days they can often be a welcome and positive distraction. An opportunity to think about the future and get excited about possibilities, which in turn can increase positive emotions and thinking. We could all use a dose of hope and positivity, especially our students!

That being said, we know how important the College and Post-CHS Planning process is to many students, especially our Juniors. Understandably, it is difficult to navigate what can already be a taxing process while sifting through the news, headlines and chatter that we hear on a daily basis. 


It is ok to be upset, confused and overwhelmed. We all are, even if it's not being shown. We know there are a lot of questions on your mind- Will I ever be able to take the SAT?! Will College be online in the Fall? How will Colleges view my application? My parents are furloughed- can we afford college? Will Financial Aid be available? These questions and emotions are more than understandable and we are here to help.


Things to Know:

  1. Your Counselor is here to help you! Please reach out.
  2. Check out this *NEW* Covid-19 College & Post CHS Planning Packet
    1. Virtual Tools for an Alternative Approach: College & Post-CHS Planning Guide

  3. Continue to reference the Junior Packet shared during your Jr. Conference
  4. ​Letter of Rec- Student Brag Sheets & Parent/Guardian Questionnaire are now due June 1


In addition to your counselor, Ms. Sleight is a resource for you as well: 

Ms. Sleight Office Hours: MWF- 11am-12:30pm

Sign up on Youcanbookme: 


Standardized Testing Updates:

It’s good to be prepared, but give yourself a bit of a break with preparing for standardized testing. There is a good chance that you won’t be able to test for a few months now, so don’t over do it on the prep when you might not be testing soon! 

Test Optional:

Given the changing landscape, many colleges have decided to become Test Optional for the upcoming Application Cycle (2020-2021). You can access a list of those schools here:

A large number of schools have been and remain to be test optional:



  • The CollegeBoard has cancelled their June 6 SAT Administration
  • In response to the cancellations, the CB will be hosting weekend SAT administrations every month (beginning in August) until the end of the calendar year (December).
    • August 29
    • New- September, date TBD
    • October 3
    • November 7
    • December 5
  • CHS SAT Updates Website
  • For CollegeBoard updates:



  • At this time June and July ACT Administrations are still being held along with makeup dates later in the months for those administrations
  • In addition to the 3 planned Fall test dates, ACT will offer an at home remote proctoring option for the ACT test in late Fall/Early Winter 2020. The Fall Dates are:
    • September 12, 2020
    • October 24, 2020
    • December 12, 2020
  • CHS ACT Updates Website 
  • ACT Press Releases:


The Future- At Home Standardized Testing:

Both the CollegeBoard (SAT) and ACT have discussed offering online and at home testing opportunities in the event that regular testing is unable to resume. More information will be shared as these programs develop. 


Upcoming Virtual College Events




Strive for College Knowledge: Virtual College Exploration Week

4 full days of presentations for juniors to explore college opportunities. 300+ Colleges and Universities participating

-Hear from Admission Officers & Gain important college knowledge

Monday, April 20 - 

Wednesday, April 23 

Navigate 2020: 

Virtual Conference and College Fair

Live stream presentations to help you understand: The impact of COVID-19 on admission, financial aid, applying, finding the best college and more! 

Monday, May 4- 

Wednesday, May 6

Other Tips:

-Stay Healthy- Metnally and Physically- try to eat well, exercise, sleep, do things you enjoy! Create a balance and separation between your school work and home life. 

​Visit the Chatham Virtual R&R Room


-Stay on top of School Work- do you best given the circumstances. Don’t overdo it, but still focus on producing the best work you can.

Need some tips for Distance Learning? Click here!


-Get others opinions & Talk-Talk about how you are feeling, it’s important to get your feelings out. Talk with us, your friends, your family- your pet! Also try to get other’s opinions, see the Article & Podcast: Being Seen- This one is for the Juniors by Katie Mattli-​ Senior Assistant Director of Admission at Georgia Tech ​


-Try to have fun! Don’t forget this important point, separate school and home life!


In the meantime, what to be working on:​

    • STUDENT: ​Brag Sheet for Counselor Recommendation- ​Due June 1​
      • Student- please answer questions about yourself to assist your counselor in writing your letter or recommendation

  • Where Can I Find It? 
    • Parent/Guardian​:​ Letter of Rec Questionnaire- ​Due June 1​
      • Please answer questions about your student to assist your student’s counselor with writing their letter of recommendation for college
      • ​Please email to your Student's Counselor when finished. ​

  • Where Can I Find It?
      • Attached in this email as Doc or PDF format
      • Naviance → Document Resources → Junior Folder 

  • ​Letters of Recommendation-
    • ​Start thinking about who you want to write and ask them if they are willing to write you a letter of recommendation. 2 is the goal!


That was a lot of information being sent your way. There is no right place to be in this process, but when you are ready to dive in we want you to have all the information you need. We understand that it can be a lot, but it is possible to start your process and make progress- if it’s seeming impossible please reach out! If you have other things that take precedence right now- focus on those things! There is no right answer to when to begin or work on this process. Remember to take each thing step by step. Honor what works best for you!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Ms. Sleight-

Be Well,

CHS School Counseling Department