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Senior College Updates

Given that the spring of senior year is generally used as a decisive time in the college process we wanted to share some information that you may find helpful. 

*If you have any questions or want to talk about plans post-CHS  (making a final college choice, financial aid, career questions, etc...) please let me know! We can set up a call/ video chat or discuss over email​ while also keeping your counselor in the loop. ​ 



For a lot of colleges, traditionally the day you have to make your college choice decision (Candidate Reply Day/Decision Day) is May 1.


  • Due to COVID-19 many colleges are extending their Decision Dates (June 1)
  • Please note this is NOT the case for all colleges, some will remain May 1



  • Feel free to use this link from NACAC and the filters on the site to see if your school falls into that category


  • FYI-Ultimately schools that do decide to extend their decision date will probably email all of their applicants, so it is always best to go off of what is direct from the institutions. 



To help make these decisions, some of you may have been planning on visiting schools in the upcoming weeks. While that likely is no longer an option (see which admission events are cancelled here) please check out the multiple virtual options that are available. 


Virtual College Events- Upcoming Virtual College Events

Virtual Tours:

Campus Reel (Authentic tours from current students!)


Campus Tours- 

E Campus Tours- 



A final reminder, if you have been fortunate enough to make your decision, please update your admission decision in Naviance! 

 STEPS: It’s simple to do! Log into Naviance (using clever)→ Colleges I’m applying to → hit the edit (pencil) button → use the dropdown under Results to select your decision.