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Jr. College & Career Updates

Hi Juniors,

We here in the Counseling Department know there is a lot going on, it’s no secret. The College & Career process may not be at the forefront of your mind, but we know the Spring is often a substantial time to conduct searches, visits and more. Please know, despite being at home, this can still be a productive time! We can use this time of social distancing to think about the future and get excited about possibilities that lie outside of the current climate. Your health, family, and school work come first, but if you want to make progress with your search please see info and suggestions below. 

General Information

  • CHS College & Career Info Website
  • Junior Conference Packet & Jr. Presentation Links
  • CHS Counseling News

Standardized Testing

As a follow up to our testing email from last week, you can access testing information below:


  • General Scholarship Listing
  • Check out RaiseMe and Going Merry! 

Virtual Tours


Letters of Recommendation 

Counselors- All counselors will be writing their student's LOR, you do not need to request one from them. 

Teachers- It is good to ask 2 teachers. While we always encourage students to ask teachers in person for letters of recommendation we understand that is currently not an option. I listed a few ways to ask while we are not in school. That being said a video chat or email would be appropriate. 

In your request, please politely ask them if they are willing and able to write a letter for you. You should be checking to see if they would need any additional information to help them write your letter. If a teacher is not able to write a letter, please respect their decision and look to ask another teacher. Your counselor or Ms. Sleight can help you discuss other LOR options. 


Lastly, If you have any questions or want to talk about plans post-CHS please let me know! We can set up a call/ video chat or discuss over email​ while also keeping your counselor in the loop. ​