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Subject:  AP Exam Regular Registration Window- 10/6/22-11/7/22
Reminder about AP Exam registration! 
Late fees will begin on 11/8 so get your order in and updated by then! Follow all steps below for successful registration. 
**This message is for all students who are currently enrolled in an AP course and are interested in taking an AP exam in the Spring.**
AP Exams 2023 Registration Steps


CHS AP Exam Regular Registration will take place from Thursday 10/6/22 at 8am- Monday 11/7/22 at  11:59pm. Late Fee Registration will take place from 11/8/22-3/8/23. 

For those that are new to AP, AP exams take place in May but the CollegeBoard mandates that orders for exams are placed and finalized before mid November. This is a policy that was introduced in 2019. If you have questions about taking AP exams please discuss with your AP teacher or email Ms. 

AP Exams Spring 2023 Overview:

  • CB has increased the fee of exams, so each exam will be $101

    • AP Research and Seminar are subject to a different test fee of $149 

  • Exams take place Monday May 1, 2023- Friday May 12, 2023.

    • You can see the full information here

Registration Steps
AP Registration is a multi Step Process and successful registration requires logging in to 2 websites, MyAP and Total Registration. All steps must be completed in order to complete registration. 
STEP 1(Website 1): MyAP (ALL AP STUDENTS need to complete):
  1. MyAP Account: If you do not have a MyAP account you will need to make one. Students are required to join their AP course REGARDLESS of if they are taking an exam.  

    1. Can’t remember your password or username? Utilize the forget password feature or contact College Board- 888-225-5427.

  2. Join AP Courses on MyAP: Students need to join their AP Courses on MyAP using each course's join code. Your teacher can share that with you. Instructions are here. *You may have already completed this step in class with your teacher!*

  3. Indicate Yes or No for taking an Exam on MyAP: For every course an AP student is in they need to update their testing status to Yes or No. Everyone’s testing status is automatically set to undecided. This must be done by 11/6. Instructions are here if you need them.

STEP 2 (Website 2): Total Registration (TR) If you are NOT taking any AP exams you can skip this step. (Only needed to complete if you are taking an exam):

Since the MyAP site doesn’t collect exam fees we use TR to collect payment for the exams. 

Exams will ONLY be ordered for those that have registered on both MyAP and on TR

  1. For any exams you have indicated on MyAP as a “Yes” you are taking you need to complete registration and payment by logging in to our CHS Total Registration Site. If you have logged in before and forgot your password you can see the password reset instructions here. 

In summary

**The CollegeBoard allows students to edit exams up until March 15, 2023, but any exams ordered after Monday 11/7 are subject to a $40 late fee per exam (increasing the total per exam to $141). For this reason we HIGHLY suggest that you order your exams before the regular registration deadline, Monday, November 7. **


Yes, I want to take the Exam(s): 

  1. Complete all of the above MyAP Steps

  2. Complete Total Registration Steps 

No, I do not want to take the Exam(s)

  1. Complete all of the above MyAP Steps

Please contact Ms. Sleight, if you have any questions. Be well!