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Scheduling Information For Next Year Grade 10 - 12

Program of Studies 2019-2020

Elective Videos

Instructions for Selecting Electives in the Parent Portal (Portal Opens on February 12)


Scheduling Timeline


January 18 -23 - Teachers communicate course recommendations for next year with students

January 23 - February 11 - Teachers input recommendations in Genesis

February 12 - 24 -  Parents/Students view recommendations and select elective requests in the parent portal


Student / Counselor Schedule Meetings

February 19 - March 1 - Counselors schedule the class of 2020 

March 5 - 14 - Counselors schedule the class of 2021

March 18- 26 - Counselors schedule the class of 2022


March 13 - March 27 - Waiver window #1

May 21 - May 31 - Waiver window #2

June 7 - Deadline for independent study/ lab assistant (see your counselor for required forms prior to this date)


Waiver Information

It is recommended to follow the recommendations made by your teachers. These recommendations are made with knowledge of the student as well as the requirements of the CHS courses. If a student decides to waive into a higher level a request for a waiver form must be made to the supervisor of the department. Supervisor Contact Information Can Be Found Here.

  • A student who waives into a course must remain in that course for the first 25% of semester 1. The ability to drop to a lower level is dependent upon the availability of open seats. The grade that the student earned in the higher level course follows the student to the new course. 
  • Waivers may be requested beginning March 13 and must be signed and returned to your counselor by March 27 at 3:00 p.m.
  • A second waiver window will open from May 21 - May 31. This is after the master schedule has been built. Waivers will be subject to the availability of open seats during this window.