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Scheduling Information For Incoming Grade 9 Students


Program of Studies 2020-2021

Grade 8 Parent / Student Curriculum Presentation

Elective Videos

Requirements for Graduation

Instructions for Selecting Electives in the Parent Portal  (Portal Opens on February 12)


Scheduling Timeline

February 3 - February 10 - CMS Faculty make course recommendations in Genesis

February 4 & 5 - Mr. Walker presents to grade 8 students regarding the high school scheduling process

February 13-21  - Parent Portal open for CMS students to select electives 

February 26-27 - CHS counselors to CMS to finalize schedule requests for students during PE classes. 

March 13 - March 25 - Waiver window #1

May 20 - May 29- Waiver window #2

Waiver Information

It is recommended to follow the recommendations made by the grade 8 teachers. These recommendations are made with knowledge of the student as well as the requirements of the CHS courses. If a student decides to waive into a higher level a request for a waiver form must be made to the supervisor of the department. Supervisor Contact Information Can Be Found Here.

  • A student who waives into a course must remain in that course for the first half of semester 1. The ability to drop to a lower level is dependent upon the availability of open seats. The grade that the student earned in the higher-level course follows the student to the new course. 
  • Waivers may be requested beginning March 13 and must be signed and emailed to Ms. Sleight by March 25 at 3:00 p.m. You can use your cell phone to take a picture of the signed form and email it if you do not have access to a scanner. 
  • A second waiver window will open from May 20 - May 29. This is after the master schedule has been built. Waivers will be subject to the availability of open seats during this window. 
  • Summer Waivers:  
    Chatham High School offered two waiver windows.  Those two waiver windows are now closed. Our master schedule has been built and shared with students.  Over the summer we will accept requests for course waivers. These requests will be considered based on the following requirements:

    1. There is a rationale for the decision to waive. For example, the student completed a summer course that prepared him/her for the course requesting a waiver. There is an extenuating circumstance regarding why a waiver should be considered.
    2. There are open seats in the course that the student is requesting a waiver for.  Waivers will not be processed until the third week of August. Students will remain on a waitlist until that time. 
    We have linked a waiver request form below. Please read the below stipulations regarding waivers prior to completing the waiver request form.

    By completing this form you are stating that you and your child understand the waiver process and have read these stipulations.

    1.  If the student wants to move after a marking period, the change will be made only if seats are available to accommodate the request (more than one change in the student’s schedule may be required)
     2.  The grades earned in the waived course will follow the student to the new placement.
     3.  A disproportionate amount of assistance will not be provided by the teacher for a student who waives into a course.