• Athletics

    Code of Sportsmanship and Philosophy

    For Players

    Recognize that you represent your school and that any reflection on your conduct is a reflection on your school. Keep faith with your school, your coach, your comrades, and yourself. Follow your coach’s instructions, be respectful to officials; accept adverse decisions. Try that much harder.

    For Students

    Remember you represent your school the same as the athletes. Encourage good sportsmanship, courteous treatment of visitors, and absolute fairness under all conditions. We ask you to make your visitors feel welcome and to see that proper standards of sportsmanship are followed. Become familiar with the rules of eligibility and support your team, especially when it is losing and needs you most.

    For Spectators

    Regard the playing of the game as an art and appreciate and enjoy it as such. Show respect for officials, respect for players, respect for boys and girls, and respect for yourself. These are essential for raising the standards of good sportsmanship. Become familiar with the rules of the game, and you will enjoy it much more. Leave coaching to the coach and officiating to the officials.

    For All  

    Sportsmanship is simple. It is merely controlling strength, being courageous and weakness, keeping the rules, playing the game, and being on the level with adversaries and yourself.
    The goal of the athletic program is to field competitive teams exhibiting discipline, the desire to excel, and pride in themselves and school. Our program is intended to improve student physical skills and to promote qualities of personality, character and leadership. We wish to encourage a healthy life-style by providing daily opportunities for physical skill enhancement, a competitive team or individual play and organized opportunities for peer interaction in a cooperative spirit