• Child Study Team Process

    The process begins with the parent being notified, in writing, of a meeting with the Team and receiving a copy of Parental Rights in Special Education, a booklet prepared by the NJ Department of Education advising parents of their basic rights and responsibilities in the process.

    The first meeting is a planning meeting at which time all available information is reviewed with the parents, the CST, the child's teacher, and others who might have knowledge of the child and his or her difficulty in school. Following review of the material, a decision is made whether or not the child potentially has an educational disability. If there is agreement that an evaluation should be conducted, the nature and scope of the evaluation is discussed and written parent consent for the evaluation is required.

    Each document that is prepared and/or signed is copied for the parents, and they are reminded throughout the process of their parental rights.

    Members of the CST conduct individual evaluations based on their specialties. A written report is prepared and sent to the parents in advance of an Eligibility Meeting, held to discuss all of the evaluations and to receive the recommendations of the Child Study Team. Again, parent input is an important part of this process. Parents may bring others to any meeting if they wish.