• Team Members


    In addition to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services, and the office staff, there are many professionals and instructional aides that provide services to children. Those individuals include learning disability teacher-consultants, school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school nurses, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals.


    Assistant Superintendent of Student  Support Services Dr. Emily Sortino
    Supervisor of Student  Support Services
    Dr. Kimberly Lanza
    Supervisor of Student Support Services Dr. Evan Jaffe
    Dr. Jacqueline Calle-Andrade (CHS)
    Elizabeth Gaynor (CMS)
    Lydia MacIntosh-Haye (CMS)
    Katherine Cimei (LAF)
    Dr. Jennifer Manger (MAS, WAS)
      Aimee Schwartz (CHS)
      Alyssa Beier (SBS)
    Social Workers
    Denise Caamano (CHS)
    Jana Derkowski (SBS, LAF)
      Melisa Varcardiponi (CMS)
    Corie Yungher (WAS, MAS)
    LDTCs Susan MacDonald (CHS)
    Lorraine Liberti (LAF)
    Melissa Quiceno (SBS, WAS)
    Lauren McKenna (CMS)
    Allison Moore (MAS)
    Dr. Kimberly Vogt (District)
    Speech/Lang. Pathologists Caryn Badian (LAF)
    Jackie Behrens (MAS)
    Jennifer Schwartz (WAS)
    Laura Fornuff (SBS)
    Colleen Mullen (WAS)
    Elizabeth Walker (CMS)
    Lauren Hurley Scaramella (SBS)
       Katrina Wasserman (CHS)
    Occupational Therapists
    Marci Carovillano (WAS, MAS, CHS)
    Bina Patel (LAF, SBS, CMS)
    Physical Therapists
    Gail Hatch (District)
    Stud. Assist. Counselors
    Alexandra Mandala (CMS)
    Heather Marsh (CHS)