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     Milton Avenue School Library
    The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to discover and grow the gifts within each child. The library/media program accomplishes this intent by fostering a love of reading and developing information literacy skills which will enable our students to think critically and become ethical and responsible members of society.
    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  The library is ready for our students with shelves full of fun new titles and old favorites.  I am thrilled to say that Mrs. Patterson will be back in the library this year, although we will be sharing her with other classrooms.  In addition, Miss Dick will be helping in the library in the afternoons.  The library program is better because of the dedication of our paraprofessionals!
    This year we are looking forward to continuing our Birthday Book and Reading programs. These two PTO-coordinated activities bring in hundreds of books to our library and each time a book is donated, we include the names of the students or classes.  This means that students can come back and find their names, or names of siblings and friends, when revisiting these special books. The PTO supports the library in these and other ways.  In addition, we welcome parent volunteers to work with classes and reshelve books.
    Since the Reading Program has begun, please be sure your reader is recording all books he or she has read on a log.  Once your reader has filled in the page or reached 30 points, please submit that log.  Students can always pick up a new log in the library, or you can print one here.
    Through the continued generosity of the PTO, we will be hosting a visting illustrator this year!  Mike Moran is a local artist and featured illustrator on some of our most popular titles in the library.  We look forward to Mr. Moran's visit in the spring.

     Book borrowing for each class began with their first visit to the library.  Books are due back at the following library class (one week borrowing period). If a student has not finished reading a book, he or she may renew that book, as long as no one has put a hold on it.  Students are invited to exchange books any morning, as long as their teachers allow.



    Parents, please remember to pack library books in a backpack pocket away from food and drinks.  Unfortunately, we've some great books to spills over the past couple of years.  Students are doing their best to carry books back and forth to school in their backpacks, but if lids are not closed tightly, liquids spill.  Thank you for your help!

    Milton Avenue School Library
    Mrs. Jill Mills, School Librarian
    Mrs. Donna Patterson, Library Paraprofessional
    Miss Elizabeth Dick, Library Paraprofessional
    Please feel free to contact us:
    (973) 457-2547


Last Modified on October 31, 2017