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Ms. Keiko Shimizu

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    We are a K to grade 3 primary school. Our Curriculum is comprised of both making art and art appreciation. Our young students learn how to work with Elements and Principles of Art and Design. The works of well known artists are often used as examples to understand art conceptsIn Kindergarten, the children learn about the collage art of Henri Matisse; they create their own collages focusing on shape and imagination. In grade 1 the students learn about the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, and create their own Fresco. They also learn about the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. Inspired by Monet, First grade students have the oportunity to create a ceramic water lily sculpture. Grade 2 students learn about the paintings and prints of Pop Artist Andy Warhol. Grade 3 students are inspired by the impasto painting of Vincent Van Gogh in the creation of their own version of "Starry Night".