Ms. Claudia Hauser



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Claudia Hauser

Art teacher at Southern Boulevard School.

It all started when Ms. Hauser was a young girl. She knew that she would grow up to become an Art teacher. After High school Ms. Hauser moved from Rochester, N.Y., where she grew up, to NYC to attend Pratt Art Institute. There she studied Fine art and Art History. Eventually she earned a Masters of Fine Art degree and teaching certifications in Art Education and Elementary Education. In 1994, while teaching in a summer program at Kent Place School in Summit, N.J., Ms. Hauser met Mr. Pesepane the former principal of Southern Boulevard Elementary School. Mr. Pesepane brought Ms. Hauser to teach art in 2000.

  • Curriculum/Department information:  

    We are a K to grade 3 primary school. Our Curriculum is comprised of both art appreciation, and art creation. Our curriculum is aligned with the national art educators standards. Our young students lear how to work with Elements and Principles of Art and Design. The work of known artists are often used as examples of art conceptsIn Kindergarten, the children learn about the collage art of Henri Matisse; they create their own collages focusing on shape and imagination. In grade 1 the students learn about the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, and create their own Fresco. They also learn about the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. First graders are inspired by Mon