Regular attendance by all students in the public schools of the State of New Jersey is a well-established, long-standing state policy. The objective of our policy is to maximize the day-to-day attendance of our students at Chatham High School so that they may realize the greatest benefits of classroom instruction and activity. The process of education requires regular continuity of instruction through classroom participation, learning experiences, and study in order to reach the goal of maximum educational benefits for each student.
    Parents should notify the school before 9:40 a.m. on the morning of a student’s absence. Written verification of the absence by parents or guardians shall be presented to the main office upon the student’s return to school (providing the specific reason for the absence is strongly encouraged; i.e., college visits, driver’s license, routine doctor’s visit, etc.). If a student has been instructed to remain out of school by a physician due to a communicable or severe illness, the parent should supply a physician’s note in order to excuse the absence.
    The CHS attendance office can be reached at:
    Mrs. Suzanne Bassolino
    (973) 457-2505 ext. 2010