• Schedule your senior conference with your School Counselor. Be prepared to share your post-secondary planning process.
    • Make sure that you have all applications required for college admission and institution based aid.
    • Attend Financial Aid Workshop at CHS.
    • Register for SAT Reasoning Test, ACT or SAT Subject Tests.
    • Follow-up with individuals with whom you've already secured a request for recommendation.
    • Plan visits to colleges, open houses and CHS college visits. You may setup interviews at this time.
    • Finalize your college application essays. Have several people review them.
    • Register with the Common Application. Complete the profile and education section. Add at least one school. This will provide you with access to the FERPA.
    • Link your Common Application account with your Naviance Family Connection account. 
    • Log onto College Board and/or ACT website to have official test scores sent to colleges which you are applying.
    • Submit college applications in time to reach the colleges by the deadline dates. If applying Early Decision or Early Action, deadlines are typically in October or early November. Since deadlines vary, it is critical to check college websites for deadlines.
    • Submit 2 copies of the Transcript Request Form to your School Counselor so she/he can forward your transcript to colleges to which you are applying. Please note the School Counseling office requires 10 school days to process your transcript request.
    • Check to see if your schools require first marking period grades. Notify your counselor if they do. 
    • Check monthly Scholarship Newsletters and Fastweb.com for scholarship opportunities.(CHS Financial Aid & Scholarship Resources)
    • If you have a deadline that falls between December 15 and January 1, you MUST submit a transcript request form to your counselor by the first Monday in December. 
    • Continue to prioritize and meet application deadlines.
    • Update your Naviance Student with admission decisions. 
    • Check the high school website for CHS Scholarship and Hooey Scholarship applications.
    • Finalize and submit financial aid information to colleges making certain to meet individual deadlines.
    • Confirm with your counselor that mid-year reports have been sent. 
    • Notification of admission decisions by colleges for regular decision application plans.
    • Choose the college you plan to attend and notify others of your decision not to attend.
    • Prepare for May AP exams.
    • Maintain your academic focus. 
    • Send thank you notes to your recommendation writers and scholarship sponsors.
    • Ensure that the school counseling department is aware of the school you will be attending in September so that a final transcript will be sent in a timely fashion.