• Theater Arts at Chatham Middle School
    Mrs. Gina Priano-Keyser 
    The arts enable personal, intellectual, social, economic, and human growth by fostering creativity and providing opportunities for expression beyond the limits of language (NJCCCS, 2014). 
    The Theater Arts program at CMS is designed to introduce interested 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to the basics of Theater and how to use performance skills in everyday life. Each grade level experience builds upon the concepts of the one preceding it.


    THEATER​ (1 semester, alternate days) This course will address terminology, role playing, improvisation, stage management, choreography, props, set decoration, set design, scenery art, blocking, marking, backstage crew, and student direction. Students will utilize computer graphics and video technology in news, interview and talk show formats as well as creating and updating a video of CMS events. Students will also create and perform short plays.


    Stagecraft covers the fundamentals of backstage technical support through actual practice. Learners construct scenery, paint sets, learn about lighting/sound, and gain a general understanding of backstage work. Students may volunteer to assist with the technical support of the CMS All-School Production.
    (1 semester, alternate days)

    This course will introduce 7th and 8th grade students with an interest in behind­the­scenes performance to technical elements of theater production including lighting, sound, and set design. Theater terminology, the importance of personal safety during backstage productions, stage crew collaboration, and career opportunities will also be covered. This course will offer interested CMS students the opportunity to develop fundamental skills in stagecraft and apply them through practical experiences with the CMS All­School Production and Theater class productions.