• Our goal and responsibility as kindergarten teachers is to help each child develop a passion for learning.  We seek to create an environment for learning which welcomes students to share  opportunities to grow as learners.  We provide a creative and stimulating environment where every child is made to feel safe, secure, and important.  We recognize that children learn at varying rates, and when given the opportunity, will thrive in a learning environment that is developmentally appropriate, individualized and challenging.  We use a variety of hands-on strategies to help students achieve their goals and be the best learners that they can be!


    As readers, students will develop the foundational skills of good readers, including alphabet knowledge, concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, high frequency words and retelling.  


    As writers, students will express their ideas and thoughts through pictures and words.  They will explore ways to view themselves as writers as they transform their writing from simple labeling to writing sentences. Your child will understand and practice the routines of a Writer’s Workshop as they write personal narratives, nonfiction pieces and opinion writing. With support, writers will ask and answer questions about their own writing and participate in shared research and writing projects.  


    As mathematicians, students will engage in problem-based interactive learning.  They will develop an understanding of mathematics and its processes.  Students will explore the big ideas of mathematics and understand how these ideas relate to their world each day.


    As scientists, students will explore the role of thinking like a scientist.  They will learn how to investigate, explore, observe, and question through a multisensory, hands-on approach.


    As community members, students will focus on self-awareness and the world around them.  They will learn to develop an awareness about themselves, their families and their community.  They will explore, understand and appreciate how people work together to create communities. To support the social and emotional development of our students we will utilize the 2nd Step program to teach skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.


    Kindergarteners also participate in Library and Design and Technology learning experiences.