• Arrival, Dismissal, Parking Procedures

    With over 500 students enrolled in LAF, we have many cars and bikes to manage at the beginning and end of the day. Please be patient and be kind to our supervisors and each other during these busy times.

    We use the high school circle for parent pick up and drop off. This leaves the LAF circle open for the buses and keeps the area safe for our walking and biking students. The LAF circle is for buses only and for teachers arriving to and leaving work. 

    Morning Drop Off

    • Please enter the high school driveway that is across from/near Maple Street.
    • Drive along the front of the high school and turn right into the large circle.
    • All cars should pull up as far as possible before stopping to allow your child out of the car.
    • All students should exit the car from the passenger side.
    • Your child can get out of the car once you pass the Buildings and Grounds driveway and you have pulled up as far as you can.
    • Please do not wait for your child to get closer to the front of the car line before getting out of the car. When you wait, it delays and disrupts the flow of traffic.


    • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms or specials at 3:30 p.m.   
    • Early student pick-ups between 3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. are discouraged and should be avoided. At this time of day, the classrooms and the office are extremely busy which will result in significant delays resulting in extended wait times for parents picking up students.
    • We encourage you to try and schedule your child’s doctor and dental appointments around school hours.  If this is not possible, you must come to the front door to sign your child out.
    • Every parent/caregiver will need to show identification and be listed in Genesis in order to pick up their child. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Afternoon Pick Up

    • At the end of the day, our students use multiple exits to leave the building. 
    • Our carline assembles in the high school circle. Parents picking up their children in the high school circle should not get out of their car and use caution when pulling away.
    • All students getting picked up in the carline will assemble in front of the high school auditorium. 
    • Supervisors will assist parents and students during pick-up from the car line.
    • You may also park in the high school parking lot as another option for pick-up beginning at 3:10 p.m. If you use this option, you have to get out of the car to pick up your child near the high school. 
    • Children will not be allowed to cross the driveway and walk through the parking lot alone. Please respect the supervisor as she enforces these safety rules.

    Student Bikes

    • There is a bike rack next to the Main Office window (near the front doors) and the back of the school for student bikes. 
    • Students are asked to walk their bike, not ride their bike, when they are on school property due to the number of students on the property.
    • Please provide your child with a lock for their bike.


    • Parking on-site is very limited. All spaces that have numbers are for staff members only. Please do not assume that if a numbered spot is open during the day that you can park in a spot that is numbered. Teachers may leave for lunch or to run an errand during the day. They count on their spots being available upon their return to the building.
    • There is no access or parking in the high school parking lot until 3:10 p.m. Again, even if you see an open parking spot in the high school, please do not park in the spot. All of the parking spots in the high school are assigned to teachers and students.
    • Please adhere to all local parking ordinances when parking on the street. 
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  • Attendance

    Please use the Parent Portal to record your child's absences. Any students' absence that is not recorded by you in the Parent Portal will be marked unverified. If your child is unverified, an automated call will be placed to confirm your child's whereabouts.


    • Log into the Parent Portal
    • Select the Attendance Tab
    • Select Notify the Attendance Office Tab
    • Use the drop-down selection to mark your child absent
    • Enter date
    • Choose student name
    • State reason for the absence
    • Click green submit button to post attendance

    ~ If for some reason you can not access the portal, please call the nurse 973-457-2507 (option 1). 
    ~ If your child’s attendance is not verified by 9:15 a.m., an automatically generated School Messenger Alert will be sent to you communicating that your child is not in school. If you receive this message, please call the school immediately. 
    ~ If we do not hear back from a family member, the police may be contacted to ensure that a student is not missing.
    ~ If your child is absent for two consecutive days, homework may be requested through the Parent Portal when you input the reason your child is absent.  Homework will be ready for pick up after school from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. and placed in the homework bin outside the front door. 

    Taking a vacation that is not within the school calendar is discouraged. Classroom assignments and homework will not be given out ahead of time. Students are expected to complete the work missed during their absence.



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  • Chromebook Policies

    The Lafayette Staff has collaborated on the following Chromebook Guidelines, Consequences for Misuse and Reflection for all of the LAF students.

    Chromebook Guidelines

    Misuse Reflection Sheet

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  • Code of Conduct

    The Lafayette Code of Conduct is reviewed annually by parents and teachers on the School Safety Team. Please review this document with your child before the school year begins. 

    Code of Conduct

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  • Student & Parent Handbook

    In addition to the classroom expectations for each teacher at Lafayette School, please review the Student and Parent Handbook before school begins. A copy of the handbook can also be found in your child's school agenda. 

    Student & Parent Handbook

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