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    The Design and Technology classes at Lafayette School have a strong focus on preparing students for our modern world.  The students will experience problem solving using scenarios that connect directly to their daily lives.  These experiences may involve creating physical models, virtual 3D models, or the use of computer programs to aid their visualization and understanding.
    The culminating project for fourth grade will be to utilize computer aided design (CAD) software and our 3D printer to help them perform the roles of young entrepreneurs.  They will digitally design and create models of a product of their own design that will be printed for "production" using the 3D printer.  In addition, they will handle all aspects of a successful business; therefore, gaining experience in delegating, communicating, and working collaboratively.    
    The culminating project for fifth grade will provide our students with the foundation of coding, computational thinking, and robotics programming.  Each student will leave Lafayette with the experience of having coded our NAO robots to do a series of basic, intermediate, and advanced actions.  This coding foundation will benefit each student as they progress to our middle and high school programs.

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