Welcome to Lafayette's Spanish Class Homepage
     Our goal is communication in the Spanish language

    Queridos padres,

    Your children will be acquiring Spanish this year in some fun and very effective ways.  The central goal is COMMUNICATION in the Spanish language.  We will explore Spanish-speaking cultures and make cultural and linguistic connections with our own culture.  Connections with other subject areas will be made and we will take opportunities to use the Spanish language outside the classroom in a larger community.  Below we have answered some questions that you might have about the World Language Program at Lafayette School.

    How will my child learn in this class? Language is acquired through meaningful use and memorable, interesting experiences.  Therefore, we will be incorporating a wide variety of language acquisition techniques, such as:

    • Music
    • Rhymes
    • Physical Responses
    • Games
    • Puppets
    • Stories
    • Cultural experiences
    • Role playing/ skits
    • Pair activities
    • Interdisciplinary connections

     In order to acquire a language, we must have many opportunities to hear it and speak it.  Therefore, students are encouraged to participate actively and to listen carefully.


     How will my child be evaluated? Students will be evaluated based on teacher observation of class participation, performance in class, and assessments.  Students will be assessed on their ability to use the language acquired in authentic situations, as opposed to traditional pencil/paper tests.  Students will receive grades on their report cards.

     Is there homework?  Most often, you will find that your child will complete his/her assignments in class.  However, there will be occasional assignments at various points throughout the year
    What should my child do if he/she misses class? If your child misses Spanish class there are three things he/she can do to find out what was missed:
    • Check with a classmate.
    • Check the blackboard in the classroom.
    • Check with the Spanish teacher.

    We believe that ALL students can acquire a second language. We have a passion for languages, and will do all that we can to help your child be successful in Spanish class. We look forward to an exciting and rewarding school year.