• Model Congress/Model UN is a club for students interested in taking an active role in responding to domestic (Model Congress) and international (Model UN) events.  The club meets in order to prepare members to attend a conference as representatives of countries (UN) or as congressional representatives.  At the Model Congress conference, students must present and defend their own drafted congressional bill in front of both small and large committees as well as participate in debates on their peers' proposed bills.   At the Model UN conference, student delegations participate in committees debating pertinent global issues and are expected to collaborate in writing resolutions as a representative from their assigned country.    Students should be able to speak in front of a group and be willing to spend time researching issues.  In the past, Chatham has attended conferences in Washington D.C., Boston, and New York City.  Meetings are held during lunch; time and place can be heard on the announcements.  For more information contact Mr. Carroll or Ms. Kielbloc.

    Advisor: Mr. Carroll/Ms. Kielblock