•  College and Career Planning
    Parents are reminded that the prospect of selecting and applying to college is a major decision in the life of a senior student and as such can be stressful at times. Open communication is key to increasing the chances of a good decision for continued schooling. The opportunities for collegiate studies are vast and are not necessarily limited to the United States. There are many tools available to families as they explore post-secondary options. Never hesitate to call upon the school counselor who will serve to bring clarity, knowledge of resources as you shop for opportunities and who can be the neutral party to diffuse family conflicts that may arise during the process.
    To decide whether a student and a college will fit well together, college admission counselors look at a number of factors. Success in a demanding college preparatory program is the first priority for a college when it reviews an application for admission. Yet, it is the combination of courses, grade point average, standardized test scores, out of class experiences and the essay on the application that determines your preparedness for college admission.