• Chatham High School School Counseling
     Phone: 973-457-2533

    The philosophy of the counseling program in the School District of the Chathams is that school counseling is an essential, integral part of the educational process.  Counselors provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students.  As student advocates, counselors recognize the uniqueness, dignity and personal worth of each individual.  In an interactive process, the counselor facilitates student academic achievement.  Counselors work collaboratively with students, parents, educators and community members to support each student's ability to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society. 
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    Ms. Lisa Lattarulo
    Supervisor of  Student Health and Well-Being K-12
    973-457-2505 x 2075
    School Counselors
    Joseph Barbato     Counselor  x2019
    Lisa Kool-Behr  Counselor  x2022 lkool-behr@chatham-nj.org
    Alexis Irene  Counselor x2065 airene@chatham-nj.org
    Mark Maka  Counselor  x2060 mmaka@chatham-nj.org
    Andrea Murphy  Counselor  x2020 amurphy@chatham-nj.org
    Sean Newcombe  Counselor  x2021 snewcombe@chatham-nj.org 
    Elizabeth Tully-Cano   Counselor  X2023 etully-cano@chatham-nj.org
    Student Assistance Counselor 

    Heather Marsh    973-457-2505 x2074
    College & Career Counselor 
    Kaitlin Sleight    973-457-2505 x2011
    Janice Stettler  x2016 jstettler@chatham-nj.org
    Christine Franz  x2017 cfranz@chatham-nj.org