• Girls Track and Field
    Results from the Group 3 championships.
    Simone Kirton: First place in the 100m hurdles running her second best time of the season in the finals (with a head wind) in 14.14 seconds! This is Simone's second year in a row of being the group champion in the 100m hurdles! Simone will be competing in the meet of champions this Saturday.
    4x800 team (consisting of Kate Purshcke, Nicole Smizaski, Abbie Bigham, and Moira Horan) ran a season best of 10:02.27. The team broke their time from last week by 10 seconds. Each member of the team ran their best time of the season. Nicole's split was 2:28, Abbie's was 2:34, Moira's was 2:32, and Kate anchored in a 2:26. The team came in 12th overall.
    Congratulations ladies!
    Yesterday was a very tough day to compete with the extreme heat that we have not become acclimated to yet this season. But, the athletes persevered and we saw many PRs and season bests throughout the meet!
    Highlights from the second day of the Morris County Championships:
    Simone won the 100m hurdles, breaking her personal best time, the school record, and the meet record. She ran a time of 14.07 in the finals. Great job Simone!
    Full results from both days are updated in the attached Google Spreadsheet!
    Highlights from today's meet:
    1st place: Simone Kirton in the 100 m! Her prelim time was 12.64, her semis time was 12.60, and her final time was 12.58. Congratulations Simone!
    Full results are attached.
    If you are competing tomorrow, it is going to be HOT. Please make sure you are hydrating throughout the day tomorrow!​
    NJAC Championships 

    High hurdles: Simone Kirton 1st place. Simone ran a personal best two times in a row. First she ran a 14.35 in the preliminaries, and then in the finals ran a 14.12. Both times, she the school record (which was held by her). And her 14.12 is currently the fastest time in the state in the event! She also broke the meet record of 14.70, which again was previously held by her!
    High jump: Melina Panagakos 5th place with a personal best of 4'8"
    Team finished in 10th place with 16.60 points.
    Full results are attached.
    Highlights from County Relays last night:
    Intermediate hurdles: 3rd place Team consisting of Leila Kirton, Brigid Horan, and Katie Helman. Time of 3:35.74
    4x100: 4th place Team consisting of Simone Kirton, Julia Shehadi, Julia Piness, and Charlotte Buckman. Time of 52.12
    Shuttle Hurdles: 5th place. Team consisting of Simone Kirton, Brigid Horan, Leila Kirton, and Melina Panagakos. Time of 1:09.89
    Overall, the team came in 12th place.
    The full results for the team are attached.​
    Overall score: Chatham 56 Montville 83
    Intermediate hurdles: 1st Melina Panagakos (76.1)
    100: 1st Simone Kirton (12.7)
    1600: 2nd Kate Purschke (5:43), 3rd Grace Rubacky (5:47.7)
    400: 2nd Jen Olnowich (65.5), 3rd Jocelyn Hughes (67.5)
    100H: 1st Simone Kirton (14.6), 2nd Leila Kirton (17.0), 3rd Melina Panagakos (18.4)
    800: 3rd Nicole Smizaski (2:37)
    200: 2nd Katie Helman (27.3), 3rd Julia Shehadi (28.8
    3200: 1st Grace Rubacky (12:33), 3rd Yulan Zhang (12:45)
    HJ: 1st Melina Panagakos (4'4")
    LJ: 2nd Anya D'Costa (12'8.5"), 3rd Micah McGrath (12'0")
    TJ: 3rd Anya D'Costa (27'6")
    PV: 3rd Julia Shehadi (7'6")
    SP: 2nd Nicole Goldschmidt (25'9.5")
    Discus: 3rd Christine Madden
    Jav: 2nd Natasha Greeve (79'3")
    Full results are attached.
    Congratulations on a very successful day at Millburn Relays.  Despite the heat & wind we had a great showing on and off of the track with 8 relay teams winning medals. Not only did we have teams placing in the top 6 but we also had many girls setting personal records.  Your hard work this season is paying off!
    Don't forget to sign up for our last dual meet on Monday, 5/1 at Montville HS. For some athletes this will be your last meet!
    *For those taking AP exams on Monday: 
    We will have a later bus leaving CHS around 3:20/3:30.  This should allow for everyone to participate in the meet even if the test runs late.  
    Millburn Relays Medal Winners:
    4x1600: 1st place - 22:59.76
    Kate P. (5:39.7), Yulan Z. (5:50.8), Moira H. (5:49.1), Abbie B. (5:39.2)
    Shuttle Hurdles: 1st place - 67.75
    Leila K. (17.2), Brigid H. (17.9), Melina P. (18.7), Simone K. (13.4)
    4x100: 6th Place - 53.24
    Simone K. (12.0), Julia S. (13.0), Jen O. (14.1), Charlotte B. (13.9)

    Varsity Sprint Medley: 5th Place - 4:48.87
    Jocelyn H. (66.7), Christina Y. (29.2), Caroline P. (30.1), Moira H. (2:41.8)
    Intermediate Hurdles: 5th Place - 3:44.13
    Brigid H. (74.39), Leila K. (70.63), Melina P. (79.11)

    Varsity DMR: 3rd place - 13:37.74
    Yulan Z. (4:18.5), Leila K. (63.8), Kate P. (2:35.9), Abbie B. (5:39.2)

    Frosh/Soph 4x400: 4th Place - 4:47.71
    Colleen R. (69.9), Marissa S. (70.8), Grace L. (75.3), Melina P. (71.3)

    Pole Vault Relay: 6th Place - 14'0
    Charlotte B. (7'0) & Julia S. (7'0)

    Christina Y. - 29.2 in the 200
    Katie Eveleth - 2:59.6 in the 800 
    Congratulations to the girls who competed at Penn Relays today.
    We had a 4x100 team and a 4x400 team. 
    The 4x100 ran a time of 53.67 . The team consisted of Julia Shehadi, Jocelyn Hughes, Brigid Horan, and Simone Kirton.
    The 4x400 team ran a 4:20.26. Official splits (these are the ones that Penn got, not hand times that I got): Nicole Smizaski 1:06.73, Leila Kirton 1:03.48, Jennifer Olnowich 1:05.13, Noelle Bessette 1:04.94.
    2nd annual Morris County FAT (fully automatic timing) Meet:Cougar Field, Sat., April 22nd.
    Thank you to all parents and athletes for making this a successful day.    Finally we thank all of the teams that participated in this event.  
    The full results are attached as a Google Sheet.
    Coach Frost
    Morristown 82.5, Chatham 48.5
    At Cougar Field 4/11/17
    First place finishers for Chatham:
    Int Hurdles: Brigid Horan, 70.2
    100: Simone Kirton, 12.3
    High Hurdles: Simone, 14.4
    3200: Grace Rubacky, 12:46
    Discus: Nicole Goldschmidt, 77'1"
    2nd and 3rd place scorers:
    Intermediate Hurdles: Layla Kirton (3rd), 71.2
    1600: Grace Rubacky (2nd), 5:50
    400: Jen Olnowich (3rd), 63.5
    High Hurdles: Leila Kirton (3rd), 18.0
    800: Holly Fullman (3rd), 2:42
    200: Jen Olnowich (3rd), 28.5
    3200: Yulan Zhang (2nd), 12:52
    Shot Put: Nicole Goldschmidt (3rd), 27'2.25"
    Javelin: Kirsten Cappabianca (2nd), 69'7"
    Discus: Natasha Greeve (3rd), 70'9"
    Long Jump: Brigid Horan (3rd), 13'11.5"
    Triple Jump: Brigid Horan (2nd), 27'10"
    High Jump: Julia Nunn (2nd), 4'2" and Moira Horan (tied for 3rd), 4'2"