• Girls Indoor Track
    Here are the highlights from the Frosh Soph Relays yesterday at Drew:
    1st place: Shuttle hurdles in 38.66 with a team consisting of Lauren Clarke, Veronica Hodapp, Victoria Pereira, and Melina Panagakos
    3rd place: 4x800 in 11:29.16 with a team consisting of Caitriona Logsdon, Iona Kallika, Jennifer McNiff, and Sarah Delaney
    3rd place: 4x400 in 4:45.36 with a team consisting of Melina Panagakos, Gabby Cutlip, Annika Neumann-Loreck, and Sophia Lally
    4th place: 4x200 in 1:58.73 with a team consisting of Jess Vespasiano, Ella DuRie, Lauren Clark, and Melina Panagakos
    5th place: Shot put with a combined distance of 43'7.5" with a team consisting of Cat Madden and Amelia Sleeman
    Full team results  and splits can be found on the 1/6/18 tab at the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uHawY9Jg_G7UCXfl5P99pKP7wIlOwwS0CsYT3RPix-E/edit?usp=sharing
    The Chatham girls had a great showing at the Morris County Relay Championships last night. 
    Scoring teams:
    2nd place: 4x200 in 1:54.36 with a team consisting of Katie Helman, Melina Panagakos, Sophia Lally, and Leila Kirton
    5th place: Shuttle hurdles in 35.65 with a team consisting of Leila Kirton, Lauren Clarke, Melina Panagakos, and Julia Piness
    6th place: Shot Put with a total of 53'1" team consisting of Cat Madden and Kimmy Tomaino
    6th place: 4x400 in 4:30.49 with a team consisting of Colleen Graham, Katie Helman, Noelle Bessette, and Leila Kirton
    Overall team place: 10th
    Other highlights:
    7th place: high jump with a total of 8'6" team consisting of Melina Panagakos and Colleen Graham
    8th place: 4x800 in 11:06.34 with a team consisting of Maggie Gates, Caitriona Logsdon, Iona Kallika, and Marissa Sullivan
    JV Results:
    3rd place: 4x400 in 4:44.08 team consisting of Kierra Oare, Emma Droner, Veronica Hodapp, and Gabby Cutlip
    5th place: 4x800 in 12:06.20 team consisting of Micah McGrath, Jennifer McNiff, Aidan Walsh, and Holly Larson
    6th place: 4x200 in 2:05.13 team consisting of Kierra Oare, Julia Doria, Eliza Nichols, and Serena Riback
    Girls Track results from Jack O'Leary Lid-Lifter Invitational (12/15/17
    Medal Winners:
    4x400 team (Noelle Bessette, Katie Helman, Melina Panagakos, Colleen Graham) - 3rd place in 4:35.80.
    Other notable performances:
    Leila Kirton, 55m hurdles - 8th place in 9.83
    Lauren Mumby, 1000m - 10th place in 3:29.97
    4x200 C team (Lauren Clark, Julia Doria, Katie Caracciolo, Sophia Lally), - 10th place in 2:00.14
    4x400 B team (Lauren Clark, Jessica Vespasiano, Sam Teisch, Sophia Lally) - 10th place in 4:47.88