• Boys Cross Country
    Morris County Championships
    Varsity:  5th
    JV:  2nd
    Frosh:  1st
    For many of the Chatham harriers, Tuesday was the last meet of the season.  Each of our teams made the most of the opportunity to run a fast time at Greystone.  For the first time this season, the course was dry and the weather conditions favorable.  The varsity team finished 5th with Yuwen Zhang breaking into the top twenty and making it onto the podium at the end of the meet.  He ran his best time of the season at 16:33
         The most dramatic finish of the day came in the JV race with Chatham falling to Morris Hills by only one point.  Finn Grosso led the way for the Chatham team in a personal record time of 17:43.
        In the Frosh race, the Cougars were victorious.  For the Fourth straight championship meet, the Freshmen came in first place.  Jack Tapper led the way in the 4K race.  With the exception of a 2nd place finish at the Roxbury Invitational, the Chatham Freshmen won every other team race they were in including the Stewart Invitational, the Shore Coaches Invitational, the NJAC Championship and, now , the Morris County Championship.
    Varsity  (Only six racers):   5th place  (Mendham 1st) with an average time of 17:10.
    17th     Yuwen Zhang          16:33
    26th      Alec Gironda          16:50
    34th     Sam Viola               17:10
    51st      Anthony Scerbo      17:36
    54th      John Romano          17:39
    60th      Alex Williams          17:46
    JV:  (Almost 300 entrants in the race):  2nd place;  46 points behind Morris Hills at 45.  Avg. time of 18:01
    3rd         Finn  Grosso      17:43
    5th         Evan DiGiovanni  17:50
    9th         Patrick O'Brien    17:56
    11th       Dennis Moynihan  18:11
    18th      Peter Duffy            18:27
    26th      Aidan Murphy        18:42
    43rd      Jared Cohn            19:14
    Freshmen:   Morris County Champions:  1st place with  44 points  (Delbarton 2nd).  Average time of 14:39 on the 4K course.
    2nd   Jack Tapper      14:03
    3rd   Jake Fortuna     14:18
    11th  Ryan Roskell    14:52
    12th  Aidan Johnson  14:55
    16th  Patrick Grosso  15:08
    25th  Jack Davenport  15:36
    26th  Nyle Sabih         15:39
    Results for Boys Cross Country from the Conference Championship (NJAC) meet held at Greystone on Tuesday, Oct. 16th.
    Varsity:  6th place finish in the Large school division with 155 points:
    Yuwen Zhang     19th    16:40
    Alec Gironda      26th    16:48
    Sam Viola         33rd     17:11
    Alex Williams   35th      17:13
    John Romano    42nd     17:27
    Greg Himstreet  43rd     17:29
    Anthony Scerbo 46th    17:33
    Team average of 17:04.11
    JV:  2nd place with 48 points behind only Morris Hills at 43.  (Large Schools)
    Evan DiGiovanni        3rd     17:33
    Patrick O'Brien         5th      17:47
    Finn Grosso             6th      17:52
    Jake Fortuna            12th     18:01
    Peter Duffy               22nd   18:24
    Dennis Moynihan     24th     18:25
    Jared Cohn               36th    18:45
    Freshman/Sophomore Division     Large and Small schools combined.  1st place with 34 points.  2nd was Delbarton at 94 points.   4K course.
    Jack Tapper            2nd      14:20
    Patrick Grosso       3rd        14:33
    Aidan Johnson       5th         14:38
    Ryan Roskell        6th          14:43
    Jack Davenport      19th        15:27
    Nyle Sabih            20th         15:27
    Brendan Arias       24th         15:44
    PJ  Henwood        32nd          15:58
    Twenty one Chatham harriers traveled to historic Van Cortlandt Park in NYC on Saturday and several of them came home with individual medals.  While the Varsity team was missing its top runner due to illness, the Cougars still performed well with a 13th place finish out of 30 teams in the Varsity D division. Yuwen Zhang and Alec Gironda again led the way for Chatham.
         The team had two JV team entries.  Putting the next seven runners all on to one team in the JV D division, the Cougars ran an excellent "team" race"  finishing 4th, only 6 points behind Summit.  The five scorers were only 10.7 seconds apart.  All seven runners received individual medals for finishing among the top 60 runners in a race of close to 300 runners.  Greg Himstreet led the Chatham charge.
         In the JV A division race the Cougars ran their next seven JV runners.  Again, the harriers put in an excellent performance with Jared Cohn leading the way.   The team was 18th out of 32 teams.
    Varsity top seven:  Team;  13th out of 30:  average time on the 4K (2.5 mile course of 14:13.78.
    Yuwen Zhang     32       13:49
    Alec Gironda     36        13:53
    Anthony Scerbo 64       14:16
    Sam Viola         72        14:20
    John Romano    112       14:49
    Pat O'Brien       115       14:50
    Aidan Murphy    139       15:07
    JVTop 7  (Chatham's "A" team:  4th place out of 25;  average time for 4K;  14:35;  10.7 second split Greg to Jack)
    Greg Himstreet     20th       14:27
    Jake Fortuna        24th        14:35
    Finn Grosso         25th        14:36
    Dennis Moynihan  26th       14:38
    Jack Tapper         27th        14:38.4
    Evan DiGiovanni   38th        14:57
    Patrick Grosso    56th         15:22
    Chatham's JV "B" team running in the A division race:  18th place out of 32 teams.  Average 4K time of 15:45
    Jared Cohn      85th     15:25
    Adan Johnson 86th      15:25.4
    Aidan Shimchak 107th  15:42
    Ryan Roskell    119th    15:55
    Nyle Sabih        149th    16:17
    Casey O'Reilly   169th    16:34
    Jack Davenport   170th    16:35
    Tuesday proved to be the lucky day as far as the weather was concerned.  After two weather related postponements, the Chatham Cross Country team was able to contest its final duel meet of the season at Central Park of Morris County;  aka;  Greystone.  The harriers were able to defeat Delbarton but fell to Morristown.  Alec Gironda and John Romano led the Varsity group while Patrick Grosso and Aidan Johnson led the pack for the Frosh/JV short course group.
    Chatham 28;  Delbarton 31
    Morristown 17;  Chatham 39
    Final 2018 duel record:  2-4
    Varsity top 7  (Many of our runners set best of season times.)
    Go to mctrack.org for full results  (large school, race 2, week 3 for varsity)
    Alec Gironda            9th     17:38
    John Romano          13th     17:47
    Anthony Scerbo       16th     17:54
    Yuwen Zhang            18th    17:59
    Sam Viola                20th     18:04
    Pat O'Brien              21st      18:05
    Evan DiGiovanni       23rd      18:06
    Frosh/JV  1.6 mile course
    Patrick Grosso-9      2nd     9:55  (second fastest Chatham time on season)
    Aidan Johnson-9      9th      10:12
    Ryan Roskell-9        11th     10:20
    Brendan Arias-10     12th     10:22
    Matt Chase-12         16th     10:39
    Nyle Sabih -9           18th     10:40
    Jack Davenport-9     19th      10:45
    Shore Coaches Invitational:  Holmdel Park;  10/6/18
    It was a very productive day at Holmdel Park on Saturday at the Shore Coaches Invitational.  The Chatham harriers ran on the historic course that is the site of all state group championships annually.  The team moved out of its comfort zone away from Greystone and proved it can compete against many of the best teams in the state.  The varsity team took on 25 other teams and finished 5th in the Varsity D division.  In the JV C division only Summit was able to overcome the Cougars by a mere 5 points.  And the Freshmen won again by taking the B division with 124 points over 2nd place West Windsor Plainsboro North at 133.
    Varsity top 7:  5th place team out of 26 with163 pts. and a 17:46 avg on the 5K course.  (race won by Vorhees)
    Yuwen Zhang                        19     17:17
    Alec Gironda                         20     17:22
    John Romano                        36     17:57
    Alex Williams                        41     18:03
    Anthony Scerbo                     47     18:13
    Greg Himstreet                      57     18:25
    Pat O'Brien                           61      18:32
    JV top 7:  2nd place team out of 17 with 54 points.  Avg. time of 18:37.  Race won by Summit at 49 pts.  3rd was West Windsor Plainsboro North at 66.
    Sam Viola:        2nd     18:18
    Peter Duffy        9th     18:33
    Dennis Moynihan 10th   18:35
    Finn Grosso        17th     18:49
    Evan DiGivanni     18th    18:52  (5 in top 20;  34 second split Sam to Evan)
    Aidan Murphy       36      19:43
    Casey O'Reilly      80th    21:01
    Frosh top 7:  1st place team with124 points out of 19 teams.  Avg time on 2-mile course of 12:40;  2nd was WWPN at 133 and 3rd was St. Joseph's of Metuchen at 146.
    Jake Fortuna:     9th     12:00
    Jack Tapper       14th    12:13
    Ryan Roskell     31st    12:45
    Aidan Johnson   40th     12:55
    Patrick Grosso   59th    13:30
    Nyle Sabih         68th    13:37
    Jack Davenport   81st    13:55
    Boys Cross Country results:  Stewart Invitational @ Central Park of Morris County, aka:  Greystone.   Sat., Sept. 29.
    At the Stewart Invitational on Saturday the top 6 varsity runners were rested with a new group of runners moving up from JV to run in the Varsity A race.  That team finished in 11th place with an average time of 18:21.4.  Many of the harriers had their best time of the season on the course.  Greg Himstreet and Pat O'Brien led the way for the Cougars.
    Varsity top 7  
    Greg Himstreet:  47th in 18:01
    Pat O'Brien:       53rd in 18:08
    Evan DiGiovanni 63rd in 18:22.6
    Peter Duffy        68th in 18:34
    Aidan Murphy   73rd in 18:40.8
    Dennis Moynihan 82nd in 18:51
    Jared Cohn   105th  in 19:38
    Taking the top 6 JV runners and putting them in the varsity race left the remaining JV under the gun to perform well.  They did!!  The team finished 9th with an average time of 20:20 led by Finn Grosso's 10th place finish.
    Top 7 JV:  
    Finn Grosso:  10th 18:45
    Matt Chase:  47th  20:05
    Ben Prill:       55th  20:16
    Casey O'Reilly 76th  20:44
    Matt Patterson 108th 21:47
    Dan Fischer    110th  21:54
    Tanay Malla   119th  22:12
    And then there were the Freshmen!!!!!!!!!  In the very first race of the day there were 15 teams lined up to attack the 2.1 mile, muddy course. Fifteen of those runners were members of the Cougar Freshmen team.  They came out of the race victorious in first place putting 3 runners into the top 10 overall.  Their team score of 60 easily defeated number two, Bridgewater, which scored 108.  All seven of the Chatham runners allowed to score in a meet defeated the 5th runner from the 2nd place team.  Thus, all had a role in the point spread between first and 2nd.  This marks the 2nd time in September the Freshman Cougars brought home a trophy having placed 2nd at Roxbury at the beginning of the month.
    Top 7 Frosh
    Jake Fortuna:   5th   12:29.9
    Jack Tapper;  6th      12:32.9
    Ryan Roskell:  10th  12:44.6
    Aidan Johnson  22nd 13:04.6
    Patrick Grosso 32nd 13:29.9
    John Malanga  45th  13:44
    Jack Davenport  47th  13:45
    Duel Meet # 2:  @ Greystone;  Sept. 17
    Chatham 19;  Mount Olive 44
    The Chatham harriers were able to bounce back from a really tough opening week to post their first win of the season on Monday.  Running as a pack, the team was able to overwhelm the opposition taking 13 of the first 14 spots.  Senior captain, Yuwen Zhang, led the way with a time of 17:50.
    The top seven finishers:
    Yuwen Zhang;  4th  17:50
    Alec Gironda:  7th  17:59
    John Romano:  11th  18:19
    Sam Viola        14th 18:26
    Anthony Scerbo  15th  18:26
    Alex Williams     16th  18:29
    Greg Himstreet  18th   18:38     100+ runners total
    Freshmen:  Top 7;  In the 1.6 mile short race, Jake Fortuna led the Cougars with a 2nd place finish overall.  His time of 9:54 was a six second improvement over week one.  Jack Tapper was 5th overall and improved his time by six seconds as well covering the course in 10: 05.  The top five runners all broke the 11:00 minute barrier.
    Jake Fortuna:  2nd;  9:54
    Jack Tapper:  5th:    10:05
    Ryan Roskell;  21st;  10:51
    Patrick Grosso;  24th;  10:53
    Aidan Johnson;  27th;  10:59
    Jack Davenport;  31st  11:07
    John Malanga;  39th   11:27       aprox 125 runners total
    The Boys Cross Country team opened their duel meet season with three tough losses in the American division.  The team was led by a 4th place finish overall by Alex Williams in 16:52.  The course is slightly longer than last year's version which was found to be a bit short of 5000 meters.  The Freshman group was led by Jake Fortuna finishing 3rd overall in 10:00  on the 1.6 mile course.  Jack Tapper was 5th overall in 10:09.
    Varsity Scores  (low score wins)
    Morris Hills  20, Chatham 41
    Mendham    18, Chatham 41
    Pope John  25, Chatham 32
    Varsity top 7
    Alex Williams;  4th     16:52
    Yuwen Zhang;  18th    17:32
    Alec Gironda;  19th     17:33
    Sam Viola;     33rd     18:22
    Anthony Scerbo34th   18:22
    Patrick O'Brien  35th  18:26
    Peter Duffy        40th  18:35  Total runners:  169
    Frosh Top 7
    Jake Fortuna;   3rd     10:00
    Jack Tapper;    5th      10:09
    Ryan Roskell;  19th    10:38
    Aidan Johnson 32nd   11:10
    John Malanga   33rd   11:11
    Jack Davenport 35th  11:13
    Nyle Sabih       47th   11:34      Total runners:  132
    Meet # 1 is now in the books.  The Chatham Boys Cross Country team completed its first meet of the season on Saturday at Horseshoe Lake Park in Roxbury.  The weather was fall-like, the course was flat and the times were fast.
    Freshmen:  2.2 mile course:  2nd place team result
    Matt Fortuna: 13th;  13:10
    Jack Tapper:   17th;  13:12
    Patrick Grosso: 27th;  13:35
    Ryan Roskell:  28th:  13:36
    Jack Davenport:  47th:  14:06
    Future 4 (Varsity--3.1 mile  (5000 meters)  3rd place
    Anthony Scerbo:  8th;  17:26
    Sam Viola:          9th:  17:27
    Greg Himstreet    19th:  17:55
    Evan DiGiovanni   29th:  18:29
    Fastest 4 (Varsity):  8th place;  3.1 miles
    Yuwen Zhang;  16th:  16:37
    Alec Gironda:  28th:  16:53
    John Romano:  42nd:  17:27
    Patrick O'Brien:  60th;  17:50
    JV:  4th place:  3.1 miles
    Dennis Moynihan;  15th  18:24
    Jared Cohn:           19th  18:33
    Aidan Shimshak    21st   18:34
    Aidan Murphy        25th   18:48
    Finn Grosso          30th   19:04