• Boys Cross Country
    Morris County Championships
    Team result:  88 points;  2nd place with a team average of 16:37.98   (1st was Mendham with 56 points.)
    Note:  JV and Frosh results will follow tomorrow  (JV team 1st;  Frosh team  3rd)
    The Chatham harriers put together their best team race in several years at the Morris County Championships on Wednesday.  Their 2nd place finish is their best since winning it all in 2014.  They ran the fastest team average time of the season by far and overwhelmed three teams that had defeated them in the NJAC Championship Meet last week (West Morris, Morristown and Delbarton.)  They also had their five scoring runners all run under 17:00 minutes and 6 of 7 runners ran personal record times. 
    Varsity seven:  2nd place;  team average of 16:37.98
    Alec Gironda    7th     16:07
    Anthony Scerbo  14th  16:35
    Greg Himstreet  16th  16:37
    Finn Grosso      24th   16:52
    Ryan Beegle     27th   16:57
    Alex Krack      36th     17:15
    Jake Fortuna     43rd   17:26
    Note:  Alec, Anthony, and Greg were also presented with individual medals and championship T-shirts for finishing in the top 20 runners overall.
    As with the varsity, the JV and Freshmen runners had a very productive day at the Morris County Championships on Wednesday.  Running on the Greystone course, many of the runners set personal best times and both teams received team medals for their efforts.  The JV team, led by Sam Ellis, took first place honors while the Freshman team, led by Charlie Henne, finished 3rd.  For the JV team it was their third first place team finish in a row (Manhattan and NJAC being the other two.)
    JV:  Top seven: 5K Course:  18:01 average:  1st place with 42 points  (Mendham 2nd with 48 points.)
    Sam Ellis          2nd       17:33
    Aidan Johnson   3rd        17:46
    Sam Viola         4th        17:51
    Dennis Moynihan  10th   18:09
    Jack Tapper       23rd       18:47
    Patrick Grosso  42nd       19:15
    Ben Prill            52nd       19:27
    Freshmen:  Top seven:  4K Course  16:01 average:  3rd place behind Mendham and Morris Hills
    Charlie Henne          1st          14:46
    Leo Valenzuela        3rd          14:57
    Eamon McSweeney  28th        16:33
    Aidan Tracey           33rd         16:54
    Hayden Albert          34th         16:57
    Craig Raskin           35th          16:57
    Aidan Orr                36th          16:57
    NJAC Championships
    On Tuesday at Central Park of Morris County (Greystone) the Chatham Cross Country team participated in the NJAC Championship Meet.  In the Varsity Division, led by Alec Gironda's 10th place finish, the team placed 5th in the Large School division.  In the JV Large School division the Cougars took 1st place led by Jake Fortuna's 2nd place finish.  In the Freshman/Sophomore race the Cougar harriers placed 3rd as a team led by Charlie Henne's 5th overall finish.
    Best average time of the season:  16:59   5th place team finish (127 points) behind Mendham, W. Morris, Morristown and Delbarton.
    Alec Gironda             10th     16:21
    Greg Himstreet          24th     16:58
    Finn Grosso              27th     17:05
    Anthony Scerbo         29th     17:09
    Ryan Beegle             37th      17:22
    Alex Krack                39th     17:24
    JV  Average time of 17:57    First place team finish with 41 points  (Mendham 2nd with 58)
    Jake Fortuna          2nd     17:24
    Aidan Johnson       4th       17:33
    Sam Viola              5th       17:47
    Dennis Moynihan   12th      18:24
    Patrick Grosso       18th     18:36
    Ryan Roskell         40th      19:13
    Ben Prill                46th      19:21
    Frosh/Soph     4K course:   3rd place team finish (90 points)  behind Morris Hills and Delbarton
    Charlie Henne        5th     14:50
    Leo Valenzuela     11th     14:59
    Joe DeCandia       25th     15:52
    Ronan Valli          26th      16:01
    Owen Donohoe      32nd   16:22
    Joey Manicone      33rd    16:23
    Eamon McSweeney  40th  16:36
    Manhattan Invitational
    The Cougars traveled to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx on Saturday and brought home two team trophies.  The Varsity team ran in the D division and took 2nd place behind Champlain Valley of NY.  Alec Gironda led the team with a 9th place finish.  All racers on the day ran the 4K course, a tradition at the Manhattan College Invitational.   In the JV A race the Chatham harriers brought home the gold and the first place trophy.  Freshman, Ryan Beegle, led all runners with a first place finish.  The Cougars placed 4 runners in the top ten and had a 13th place finish from their fifth runner in handily winning the race with only 29 points.  Chatham's second JV team ran in the D division and finished 14th out of 28 teams.  They were led by another Freshman, Charlie Henne.
    Varsity top seven:  2nd place D division in an average 4K time of 14:00.
    Alec Gironda               9th     13:34
    Anthony Scerbo         24th     13:49
    Finn Grosso              25th     13:50
    Greg Himstreet         37th      14:08
    Dennis Moynihan      67th      14:38
    Sam Viola                74th      14:48
    Ben Prill                  151st     16:28
    JV A team:  A Division:  1st place team with average time of 14:18
    Ryan Beegle             1st     13:59
    Sam Ellis                 4th     14:16
    Alex Krack               5th     14:16
    Jake Fortuna            6th     14:20
    Aidan Johnson         13th     14:39
    Jack Tapper             20th    14:48
    Patrick Grosso       122nd   16:39
    The weather and running conditions for a race at the famous Holmdel Park course were near perfect on Saturday for the Shore Coaches Invitational.  The Cougar harriers set many personal records and performed well as a team in each of their races.  Alec Gironda again led the varsity (4th place) while Ryan Beegle led the Freshmen (2nd.)  Jack Tapper led the JV finishers. The top seven in each of the divisions follow:
    Varsity   4th place out of 27 teams.  avg. time of 17:34
    Alec Gironda    4th place     16:31
    Finn Grosso    15th             17:23
    Anthony Scerbo  21st         17:37
    Greg Himstreet   36th          18:04
    Sam Ellis           43rd          18:15
    Jake Fortuna      44th           18:15
    Aidan Johnson   45th           18:16
    JV:   5th place out of 20 teams   avg. time of 19:19
    Jack Tapper           29th         18:43
    Dennis Moynihan   34th         18:49
    Patrick Grosso       46th         19:17
    Ben Prill                62nd        19:43
    Sam Viola              82nd        20:03
    Nyle Sabih             93rd         20: 22
    Ryan Roskell         95th         20:24
    Freshmen  2nd place out of 17 teams   2-mile course avg. time of 12:20
    Ryan Beegle            2nd     11:25
    Alex Krack              6th      11:49
    Charlie Henne          21st    12:26
    Leo Valenzuela        41st     12:52
    Ronan Valli              51st     13:10
    Aidan Tracey           84th      13:51
    Hayden Albert         89th      13:59
    The Cougars ran in their second invitational of the season, the Stewart Invitational, on Saturday at Greystone.  Resting their top six runners, the second wave of Cougars still managed a 6th place finish on a hot and dry day.  Sam Ellis has continued his emergence as a sophomore and led the way for the team with a 27th place finish and another PR on the 5K course at 17: 45.  In the JV race the team was led by Jack Davenport and the team finished 3rd.  Ryan Beegle and Alex Krack again ran outstanding races in finishing 1st and 3rd in the Freshman 2-mile race.  The team finished 5th.
    Varsity top seven:  6th place in an average time of 18:01.
    Sam Ellis:      27th   17:45
    Aidan Johnson  32nd  17:52
    Jack Tapper    36th    17:57
    Sam Viola       46th   18:09
    Dennis Moynihan  53rd  18:20
    Pat Grosso    73rd     19:00
    Ryan Roskell   82nd   19:29
    Jv 5K race  3rd place;  avg. time of 20:40
    Jack Davenport      6th in 20:19
    Nyle Sabih            9th    20:27
    Ben Lieberman     12th    20:35
    Joe Tivade            22nd   20:48
    Alex Doroski         40th    21:12
    Brendan Arias       43rd   21:17
    Quinn Newman     46th    21:22
    Freshmen   2-mile course   5th place  Team avg. of 12:28
    Ryan Beegle           1st    11:18
    Alex Krack              3rd    11:40
    Charlie Henne         23rd   12:34
    Leo Valenzuela       40th    13:14
    Ronan Valli             68th    13:36
    Eamon McSweeney  91st  14:06
    Hayden Albert          95th    14:12
    Next meet:  Shore Coaches Invitational at Holmdel Park, Oct. 5th
    Dual Meet # 3:  Greystone, Sept. 24
    Mendham 17, Chatham 44
    Chatham 27, Morris Hills 32
    Final dual record:  3-3
    Injuries and illnesses have struck the Cougars but the depth of the team is paying off in a big way.  Chatham took it on the chin versus Mendham, the defending Group 3 champions, but came out ahead of Morris Hills on Tuesday.  The win over Hills was especially satisfying as the Cougars were missing their numbers 1 and 2 runners from one week ago.  Alec Gironda returned from his slight injury to lead the pack as he had done in the first two meets.  Aidan Shimchak moved up to the number two spot with Finn Grosso, Ryan Beegle and Sam Ellis rounding out the top 5 scorers for the Cougars. Freshmen Ryan Beegle and Alex Krack made their debut in the 5K race pay off.  Both finished in the team's top seven.
    Top seven Varsity:  5K  Team average:  17:27  (best so far this season.)  All 7 set personal records.
    182 finishers
    4th place overall:  Alec Gironda -12    16:25
    17th                   Aidan Shimchak -12 17:37
    19th                   Finn Grosso -11       17:39
    21st                   Ryan Beegle  -9     17:45
    22nd                  Sam Ellis -10           17:48
    27th                   Aidan Johnson-10     17:53
    29th                   Alex Krack -9         18:00
    4K JV  (Note;  many of our Frosh moved up to this longer race for their first time.)
    2nd out of 129 finishers:   Charlie Henne-9          15:06
    8th                                 Leo Valenzuela-9           15:39
    17th                               Brendan Arias-11          16:20
    21st                               Joey Manicone-10         16:31
    22nd                               Dan Fischer-11             16:31
    23rd                                Alex Doroski-10            16:34
    25th                                Jack O'Connor-11          16:40
    Short Course JV race:  Only two Chatham Boys (87 finishers)
    7th    Ronan Valli -9:  10:59
    12th  Eamon McSweeney -9: 11:25
    Chatham 19;  Mount Olive 42
    Chatham 22;  Pope John 37
    Record:  2-2
    On Monday the team was informed that their lead runner, Alec Gironda,  would have to sit out Tuesday's meet due to some soreness.  There was no panic.  Instead the captains, with Anthony Scerbo in the lead, took over and prepared for their races on Tuesday.  Who would take the lead position?  Who would push to be in the position to score in the top five for the Cougars?  These became the motivation for the team and it all paid off with convincing wins against Pope John and Mount Olive.
    Varsity Top seven:  Average time of 17:35  (111 finishers in the race)
    1st overall runner:  Greg Himstreet:  16:55
    5th                       Anthony Scerbo:  17:16
    10th                     Finn Grosso:        17:53
    11th                     Aidan Shimchak   17:56
    13th                    Jake Fortuna         17:57
    14th                    Sam Ellis              17:58
    19th                     Sam Viola            18:05
    JV 4K race:  193 finishers: 
    1st overall:  Ryan Beegle:  13:59
    2nd overall:  Alex Krack:  14:15
    31st           Brendan Arias  16:44
    32nd           PJ Henwood:   16:49
    35th           Joey Manicone:  16:52
    36th           John Malanga:   16:52
    38th           Alex Doroski      16:54
    JV Short Course Race:  106 finishers
    5th overall:  Charlie Henne;  10:38
    7th             Leo Valenzuela:  10:48
    11th           Ronan Valli:        11;06
    17th           Hayden Albert      11:36
    20th           Michael Egan      11:46
    22nd          Ian Reardon         11:50
    27th          Liam Reece          12:04
    All results can be found on mctrack.org    (Look under NJAC batch races week 2)
    Morristown 26,  Chatham 31
    Delbarton 26, Chatham 29
    It was a tough opening day in the NJAC batch races for Chatham's team.  They suffered two very close loses in their meet with Delbarton and Morristown.  As was the case on Saturday, Alec Gironda led the way for the Cougars in 16:39 and a second place finish overall out of 127 racers. 
    Top seven varsity:
    Alec Gironda--2nd--16:39
    Anthony Scerbo--18th-17:47
    Greg Himstreet--19th--17:48
    Jake Fortuna--23rd--17:56
    Finn Grosso--18:03
    Aidan Shimchak--31st--18:19
    Sam Ellis--32nd--18:21
    Top seven in JV 4K race (172 racers)
    Sam Viola--3rd--15:06
    John Malanga--22nd--16:08
    Ben Lieberman--29th--16:19
    Brendan Arias--37th--16:38
    Jack O'Connor--40th--16:49
    Tanay Malla-- 39th --17:02
    Joey Manicone--44th--17:03
    Top seven in JV/Frosh short course  (152 racers)
    Ryan Beegle--1st--9:33
    Alex Krack--2nd--9:52
    Charlie Henne--14th--10:52
    Ronan Valli--17th--11:01
    Leo Valenzuela--19th--11:06
    Hayden Albert--26th--11:30
    Eamon McSweeney--27th--11:31
    Next meet:  Tuesday at Central Park of Morris County  (Greystone):  vs. Pope John and Mt. Olive
    Novice A race:  Top seven Chatham runners--1.6 miles  Team: 6th when A and B combined.
    Ryan Beegle     1st place     8:08  (best novice time of day)
    Alex Krak         3rd place     8:33  (7th best novice time of day)
    Charlie Henne  22 place       9:10
    Leo Valenzuela 32nd place   9:19
    John Malanga    54th           9:46
    Ronan Valli        55th           9:47
    Eamon McSweeney 58th     9:56
    Future 4 race:  4 runners--5k-Team 6th
    Finn Grosso         16th     17:19
    Jake Fortuna        17th      17:20
    Jack Tapper          37th      17:57
    Dennis Moynihan  48th       18:13
    Fastest 4 race:  4 runners--5k
    Alec Gironda      4th place 15:54
    Greg Himstreet   35th         16:53
    Anthony Scerbo  50th         17:18
    Aidan Shimchak  78th         17:56
    JV runners:  Top seven finishers--5k  Note:  places are for JV A and B combined
    Sam Ellis  5th     17:54
    Aidan Johnson  6th  17:55
    Nyle Sabih       61st  19:39
    Patrick Grosso  33rd  18:56
    Ryan Roskell     67th  19:43
    Ben Prill           68th   19:46
    Casey O'Reilley  78th  20:10