• Boys Track and Field
    Boys Results:  Morris County Relays:  Team;  tied for 8th with 20 points

    2nd place:  4 X 1600:  18:25.89;  Colin Logsdon, Alex Williams, Bo Raadam, Liam Cadden.

    6th place:  Shot Put:  Team of Sam Dennerlein  (2nd best throw of competition at 48 feet, 11.5 inches), Colton Christie and Kevin Ferreira.

    4th place:  Pole Vault:  30 feet, 6 inches:  Julian deKeyser (tied PR at 11 feet, 6 inches), Phillip Wu and Ryan Storm.

    4th place:  High Jump:  16 feet, 10 inches;  Thomas Walsh, Jack Burns and Kyle Kressler.

    5th place :  Shuttle Hurdles;  1:07.17;  Season Best;  Kristian Roos, Kevin Ferreira, Jason Furda and Ryan Varca.

    6th place:  Distance Medley:  10:54.58;  Colin Logsdon, Jack Burns, Avery Brown, Bo Raadam.
    Other notable performances:

    Kristian Roos:  Javelin; 146 feet, 6 inches;  2nd best of competition.
    Sam Dennerlein:  Discus;  145 feet, 11 inches;  2nd best of competition.

    Sprint Medley:  7th place in season's best time of 3:39.54:  Avery Brown, Aedan, Joel, Sam Viola, Anthony Scerbo.

    4 X 400:  7th place in season's best time of 3:30.59;  Mike Culleton, Sam Viola, Aedan Joel, Anthony Scerbo.
    Chatham 99;  Montville 41

    Final dual meet record:  3-1;  2nd place in United Division.

    First Place winners:

    Julian deKeyser;  Tied for 1st in Pole Vault;  10 feet.
    Aedan Joel:  1st in both 100 (11.3) and 200 (22.9)
    Yuwen Zhang;  1st in 1600;  4:54
    Sam Viola:  1st in 400-52.2
    Kristian Roos: 3 firsts:  High Hurdles in PR of 14.8;  Long Jump;  18 feet, 7 inches;  Javelin;  147 feet, 2 inches;  also took 2nd in 100 at 11.8.
    Anthony Scerbo;  1st in 800 at 2:01.4
    Bo Raadam:  1st in 3200;  10:10
    Sam Dennerlein:  2 firsts:  Discus;  143 feet, 5 inches and Shot Put in PR of 49 feet, 3 inches.
    John Romano:  1st in Triple Jump at 35 feet, 2" ,  also 2nd in 400 hurdles at 61.3 and 3rd in 800 at 2:09.
    Thomas Walsh:  1st in High Jump;  10 feet.
    4 x 400 team of Anthony Scerbo, Sam Viola, Mike Culleton and Jack Burns;  1st in 3:49.

    Other scoring athletes:
    Matt Petruska;  3rd in both 100 (11.8) and 200 (24.7)
    Pat O'Brien;  2nd in 1600 in 4:55
    Jack Burns:  2nd in both 800 (2:08) amd High Jump at 5 feet, 4 inches.
    Kevin Ferreira:  3rd in Discus;  98 feet.
    Colin Petrullo;  3rd in Long Jump at 16 feet, 5 inches.
    Ryan Storm;  3rd in Pole Vault;  10 feet.

    PR:  Jasean Pratt;  Pole Vault-9 feet.
    Penn Relays:

    Friday:  Colin Logsdon ran a spectacular race in the Championship 3000 meter run against 22 other runners from  states all along the Eastern Seaboard.  Colin took 8th place in a great time of 8:33.89.  He was the 3rd finisher from NJ in a race won by Devin Hart of Point Pleasant, NJ.  The 3000 is 200 meters shorter than the typical high school race of 3200 meters.  Converting his time to that distance Colin would have set a personal record by at least seven seconds.

    Saturday:  4 X 400;  4th in the L race.  Their time of 3:31.98 is six seconds faster than the team's previous best this season.  Team members:  Anthony Scerbo-53.25, Liam Cadden-54.15, Jack Burns-53.11, and Sam Viola-51.48.

    Millburn Relays:  Saturday

    Shuttle Hurdles:  5th place;  1:08.64;  Kristian Roos, Kevin Ferreira, Jason Furda, Ryan Varca.

    Discus:  5th place:  236 feet;   Sam Dennerlein-145 feet, 7 inches (2nd best in competition);  Kevin Ferreira-90 feet, 5 inches.

    Frosh/Soph:  Sprint Medley;  3rd place;  3:58.55;  Team of Mike Culleton, Brendan Arias, Amari Bhalla, and Alec Gironda.

    Varsity Sprint Medley:  5th: 3:48.3;  Kristian Roos, Aedan Joel, Matt Petruska, and Bo Raadam.
    Shot Put:  5th place;  83 feet, 7.25 inches;  Sam Dennerlein-48 feet, 3 inches  (3rd best of competition) and Colton Christie-35 feet, 4.25 inches.

    Pole Vault:  Tied for 3rd place:  19 feet;  Phillip Wu and Julian deKeyser.

    Fr/Soph 4 X 400:  5th;  3:50.85;  Mike Culleton, Amari Bhalla, Aidan Christie, and Ryan Varca.
    Morris Hills Relays:  4/21/18

    Team result:  7th place with 23 points

    Top Scoring teams:

    Pole Vault:  2nd place;  29 feet six inches;  Matt Saluti, Julian deKeyser, Phillip Wu.

    Distance Medley:  2nd place;  10:37.14;  Colin Logsdon, Avery Brown, Liam Cadden, and Bo Raadam.

    Sprint Medley:  4th place:  3:41.67;  Christian Siauw, Mike Culleton, Sam Viola, Anthony Scerbo.

    Shuttle Hurdles:  5th place;  1:10.82:  Phillip Wu, Ryan Varca, Kristian Roos, Kevin Ferreira.

    Team Discus:  6th place;  300 feet, 2 inches;  Sam Dennerlein, Kevin Ferreira, and Jared Cohn.  Best throw of competition;  Sam at 140 feet, 4 inches.

    Notable performance:

    Javelin:  Best throw of the competition;  Kristian Roos;  PR of 156 feet, 3 inches.
    Morris County Frosh/Soph Relays

    Team result:  6th place with 49 points.  (1st was Randolph at 74 points.)

    3 Championship teams:
    Team Discus:  1st place at 310 feet, 3 inches;  Sam Dennerlein, Kevin Ferreira, Jacob Mathews.

    Team Shot Put:  1st place at 112 feet, 10 inches;  Sam Dennerlein, Kevin Ferreira, and Colton Christie.

    Sprint Medley Relay:  1st place in 3:54.14;  Mike Culleton, Amari Bhalla, Aidan Christie, and Anthony Scerbo.

    Other scoring teams:

    Team High Jump:  2nd place;  15 feet, 2 inches;  Anthony Scerbo, Steve Garcia and Kyle Kressler.

    Soph:  4 X 200:  6th place in 1:44.94;  Mike Culleton, Aidan Christie, Amari Bhalla, and Jason Furda.

    Team Shuttle Hurdles:  2nd place in 1:15.24;  Ryan Varca, Ethan Siauw, Jason Furda, and Kevin Ferreira.

    Soph 4 X 800:  6th place;  10:20.37;  Alec Gironda, Will Oneil, Aidan West, Aidan Shimschak

    Great job under harsh condition:  rain, sleet, wind, cold.
    An outstanding meet by the Cougar Boys Track and FIELD team:

    Chatham 71;  Mendham 69
    Chatham: 2-1;  Mendham 0-1
    With Mendham having the advantage on the track, it took a stellar performance from the Cougar throwing team to edge a very good team.  In the Shot Put , Discus and Javelin the Chatham throwers outscored their opponents 26-1.  The Chatham sprinters also had a great day taking 14 of 18 points in the 100 and 200 meter dashes.

    First Place Finishers:

    Sam Dennerlein:  Shot Put;  45 feet, 8 inches and Discus;  143 feet.
    Kristian Roos:  Javelin;  151 feet, 8 inches (PR).  Also:  1st place in High Hurdles with PR time of 15.3. He also took 2nd place in the Long Jump at 18 feet 2.75 inches and 3rd in the 100 meter dash in 11.5.
    Julian deKeyser:  Pole Vault;  10 feet, 6 inches.
    Aedan Joel:  100 meter dash in PR of 11.2 and 200 meter dash in 23.4.

    Other point scorers:
    Sam Viola:  2nd place in 400 in 53.2 and 2nd in 200 in 23.8.
    John Romano:  3rd place in 400 Int. Hurdles;  62.9.
    Liam Cadden:  3rd place in 1600 in 4:31.4
    Kevin Ferreira:  3rd in High Jurdles at 18.3 ;  3rd in Discus at 94 feet.
    Colin Logsdon:  2nd in 800 in 2:00.9
    Anthony Scerbo:  2nd in High Jump at 5 feet, 4 inches;  PR in 800 in 2:01.3.
    placing 3rd. 
    Bo Raadam:  3rd in 3200 in 10:17
    Colton Christie:  2nd in Shot Put at 36 feet, 5 inches.
    Lucas Kianpoor:  2nd in Discus at 97 feet, 4 inches.
    Ivan Rozhkov:  2nd in Javelin at 116 feet, 9 inches
    Jared Cohn:  3rd in Javelin at 116 feet, 4 inches.  
    Phillip Wu:  2nd in Pole Vault;  10 feet.
    Jack Burns;  3rd in High Jump;  5 feet, 4 inches.
    Overall score:  1.  Whippany Park 68;  2.  Mendham 55.5;  3. Chatham 46

    On Saturday the Boys' track team had many great performances in competing against 15 other schools at the Dodgertown Relays in Madison.  On the track and in the field, many of the Cougars had their best performances of the season.

    Field results:
    Varsity:  Discus:  2nd place;  335 feet, 11 inches:  Three man team of Sam Dennerlein, Kevin Ferreria and Lucas Kianapoor.  Sam had the 2nd best throw of the competition and personal best toss of the disc at 144 feet, 6 inches.

    Shot Put:  4th place;  80 feet, 11 inches;  Two man team of Sam Dennerlein and Kristian Roos.  

    Javelin:  5th place:  256 feet, 1 inch;  two man team of Kristian Roos and Lucas Kianapoor.  Kristian had a PR throw of 144 feet, 1 inch.

    Pole Vault:  2nd place;  20 feet, 6 inches;  two man team of Julian deKeyser and Phillip Wu.  Phillip also had a PR in the Long Jump at 17 feet, 3 inches.

    High Jump:  Tied for 3rd place at 10 feet, 10 inches;  two man team of Jack Burns and Anthony Scerbo.  Anthony had a PR jump of 5 feet, 4 inches.

    Track events:  All teams 4 man.

    Shuttle Hurdles:  3rd place; 1:08.85; Team of Ian Higgins, Kevin Ferreira, Jason Furda, and Kristian Roos.  (Kristian also had a PR in the Long Jump at 19 feet, 10 inches.)

    4 X 800:  4th place in 8:46.09;  team of Liam Cadden, Jack Burns, Alec Gironda and Yuwen Zhang.

    Sprint Medley:  2nd place;  3:43.7;  team of Ian Higgins, Christian Siauw, Sam Viola, and Anthony Scerbo.  Anthony had a PR in the anchor leg (800) at 2:01.5.  Sam also split a 52.4 400 in the Distance Medley. 

    4 X 400 Varsity ;  3rd place;  3:37.25;  team of Liam Cadden, Jack Burns, Mike Culleton (PR in 52.6) and Kasra Sharif.

    4 X 200:  5th in 1:37.54:  Team of Mike Culleton, Matt Petruska,Christian Siauw and Ian Higgins.  

    Non Varsity events:

    Frosh/Soph Shot Put:  6th place;  55 feet, 2.75 inches; Two man team of Thomas Whyte and Connor Tulley.

    Jv:  Shot Put:  3rd place:  67 feet, 6 inches:  two man team of Colton Christie and Kevin Ferreira.

    Jv 4 X 800:  4th place;  10:10.2;  Team of Maxx Ulrich, Greg Himstreet, Will O'Neil, and David Valeri.

    JV 4 X 400:  3rd:  3:55.9;  team of Bryant Brown, Aidan Christie (PR of 55.8), Julian deKeyser, and Maxx Ulrich.
    Chatham 89;  Morristown 24
    Records:  Chatham: 1-1;   Morristown: 0-1
    Note:  The three throwing events were not contested due to poor field conditions.

    First Place Finishers
    Ian Higgins:  Triple Jump;  36', 2"
                       Intermediate Hurdles:  60.3
                       2nd place in High Hurdles:  17.2
    Aedan Joel:  100 meter dash;  11.7
                       200 meter dash;  24.0
    Kristian Roos;  High Hurdles;  15.7
                          Long Jump;  18'2"
    Jack Burns:  High Jump;  5'6"
    Julian deKeyser:  Pole Vault;  10'6"
    Liam Cadden:  800 meter run;  2:04
    Sam Viola:  400 meter run;  52.9
    Colin Logsdon:  3200 meter run;  10:03

    Other Notable scorers:

    John Romano;  2nd in Triple Jump;  35'5" and 2nd in Int. Hurdles;  62.3
    Bo Raadam:  2nd in 1600 at 4:36
    Anthony Scerbo;  2nd in 400 at 53.9 and 3rd in High Jump at 5 feet.
    Matt Petruska:  3rd in 100 at 12.3 and 3rd in 200 at 24.8
    Kyle Kressler:  2nd in High Jump at 5'2"
    Ryan Storm:  2nd in Pole Vault at 10 feet.
    Delbarton 93;  Chatham 47

    First Place finishers:

    Sam Dennerlein:  Shot Put;  47 feet, 7 inches  (outdoor PR)
                              Discus:   137 feet, 11 inches (PR)

    Thomas Walsh:  High Jump;  6 feet.

    Julian deKeyser:  Pole Vault;  10 feet

    Anthony Scerbo:  800 meter;   2:05.3  (PR)

    2nd place scorers:

    Sam Viola:  400 meter ;  54.0
    Kristian Roos:  110 meter high hurdles:  15.5 (PR)
                           Long Jump;  19 feet, 2 inches. (PR)
    Matt Petruska:  200 meter dash;  25.1
                           Also a 3rd place in 100 meter in 12.2
    Bo Raadam:  3200 run;  10:11
    Ian Higgins:  Triple Jump;  36 feet, 10 inches

    3rd place scorers:

    Aidan Christie;  400;  58.9
    Kevin Ferreira;  Discus;  86 feet, 7 inches
    Alec Gironda;  1600;  5:14