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    Chatham vs Governor Livingston 2018-02-22
    Chatham Fencing and Governor Livingston Fence Team Relay for Season Finale
    Thursday Night Chatham hosted Governor Livingston for their season finale fun night. With only a week left in the high school fencing season and all of the official dual meets completed, Chatham and GovLiv set aside one meet to close out with some fun. This year the theme was Star Wars. Music from the movie played during the event and several team members came in costume. No Star Wars event would be complete without light sabre battles and four UltraSabers were provided by Malcolm Rowley of Nava's Martial Arts in North Plainfield.
    The format for the evening was a team relay match. Each squad would put up all of its fencers in sequential order, with the smaller team getting to repeat any fencers to meet the total of the larger team. The first bout would be to five touches. Each following pair of fencers would contest touches until the next higher multiple of five, giving the team behind a chance to catch up by making up the points. No time outs were allowed. The girls' squads ran 6 bout relays for epee, foil, and sabre. The boys' squads ran 8 bout relays for epee and foil, with 9 bouts for sabre.
    Girls' Epee
       Chatham GL
    B1 Elysa Jordan 05-01
    B2 Elysa Jordan 10-03
    B3 Dorothy Zhang 15-06
    B4 Dorothy Zhang 20-11
    B5 Catherine Nachtigal 25-14
    B6 Victoria Pascarella 30-16
    WIN = Chatham
    Referee: Ya Lu
    Girls' Foil
       Chatham GL
    B1 Sonia Julius 05-00
    B2 Grace Hofheinz 08-10
    B3 Amy Zheng *1 09-15 
    B4 Clarissa Lei *2 10-19 
    B5 Grace Tam 14-25
    B6 Grace Tam 15-30
    WIN = Governor Livingston
    Referee: Ya Lu
        *1-Amy fenced lefty, due to her right hand recovering from surgery
        *2-bout stopped at 3 minutes
    Girls' Sabre
       Chatham GL
    B1 Izzy Gianusso 05-03
    B2 Sahana Kumar 09-10
    B3 Clare Hofheinz 10-15
    B4 Jianna Braza 12-20
    B5 Marie Field 15-25
    B6 Kailing Sathyanath 26-30
    WIN = Governor Livingston
    Referee: Ya Lu
    Boys' Epee
       Chatham GL
    B1 Michael Zhang 02-05
    B2 Miller Ashton 08-10
    B3 Aidan Hallerman 11-15
    B4 Ahmer Khan 20-17
    B5 Chris Wilson 25-21
    B6 Gavin Mayes 30-28
    B7 Calvin Bitar 35-31
    B8 Vedant Kudalkar 40-37
    WIN = Chatham
    Referee: Garrett Blakeslee
    Boys' Foil
       Chatham GL
    B1 Jayden Halkiopoulus 05-04
    B2 Dylan Salinger 08-10
    B3 Aidan West 15-12
    B4 Ryan Yeakel 19-20
    B5 Jacob Mahon 22-25
    B6 Nishant Parikh 23-30
    B7 Nate Eck 27-35
    B8 Zak Zeareban 27-40
    Referee: Garrett Blakeslee
    Boys' Sabre
       Chatham GL
    B1 Henry Epstein 05-01
    B2 Henry Epstein 10-01
    B3 Marshall Hong 15-01
    B4 Marshall Hong 20-08
    B5 Ryan Mayes 22-25
    B6 Kyle Reyes 30-29
    B7 Stephen Ratner 30-35
    B8 Darren Yen 40-35
    B9 Darren Yen 45-43
    Referee: Ya Lu/Garrett Blakeslee
        All girls' bouts were complete before the last boys' foil bout.
        Boys' sabre was run on the 2nd strip.
    Chatham vs Kinnelon 2017-12-15
    Girls vs Kinnelon = WIN [NJAC 1-0] [ALL 1-0]
    Girls' Sabre {7-2} Sathyanath-K (1-0), Braza-J (3-0), Hofheinz-C (3-0), Field-M (0-1), Gianusso-I (0-1)
    Girls' Foil  {9-0} Zheng-A (3-0), Pompeo,A (3-0), Tam,G (3-0)
    Girls' Epee  {5-4} Pascarella-V (1-0), Nachtigal-C (1-0), Jordan-E (2-1), Zhang-DZ (0-1), 
    Hofheinz-G (0-2), Ghosh-A (1-0)
    Total Score  {21-6} [5/4 +3,-2] Clinch winner Zheng-A
    Boys vs Kinnelon = WIN [NJAC 1-0] [ALL 1-0]
    Boys' Sabre {9-0} Yen-D (2-0), Hong-M (2-0), Yen-P (2-0), Epstein-H (1-0), Ratner-S (1-0), Liu-VS (1-0)
    Boys' Foil  {4-5} Haliopoulus-J (2-1), Yeakel-R (2-1), Salinger (0-3)
    Boys' Epee  {8-1} Kudalkar-V (3-0), Bitar-C (3-0), Zhang-MZ (2-1), Lieberman-J (1-0)
    Total Score {21-6} [5/4 +3,-2] Clinch winner Bitar-C
    Cougar Cudos:
    1st Bout in HS Varsity: Kailing, Izzy, Elysa, Dorothy, Grace-H, Marshall, Preston, Henry, Jayden, Ryan-Y, Dylan, Michael, Jakob
    1st Win in HS Varsity: Kailing, Elysa, Marshall, Preston, Henry, Jayden, Ryan-Y, Michael, Jakob
    Bagel Club: Amy x2, Anna x2, Grace-T, Victoria, 
    French Fry Club: Kailing, Grace-T, Annesha
    Meet Undefeated: (3-0) Jianna, Clare, Vedant, Calvin; (2-0) Amy, Anna, Grace-H, Darren, Marshall, Preston; (1-0) Kailing, Victoria, Catherine, Annesha, Henry, Stephen, Vincent, Jakob
    Referees: Boys: Emma / Girls: Mike
    Chatham's opening day of the fencing season was a special occaision as we welcomed the Kinnelon High School Varsity Fencing Team to their first ever dual meet. It was also a special event as we welcomed many of our newest members to the strip for their first high school varsity bouts and in some cases the first official fencing bouts ever. The light but steady snow fall caused a delay of over half an hour. Thankfully, everyone arrived safely.
    First up for the girls was the sabre squad, who were met with only one opponent, Kinnelon fencer Lauren Lee. Rather than take six forfeits, the Chatham girls offered Lee all nine sabre bouts. Miss Lee accepted and held up in iron like fashion. Tournament veteran Freshman Kailing Sathyanath kicked off with a 5-1 win, her first in the varsity high school arena. Sophomore Jianna Braza followed with a 5-2 and Sophomore Clare Hofheinz continued with a 5-3 win for a sabre sweep of the first round. The Kinnelon foils having two members on the squad chose to forfeit their C-strip bouts. The Chatham girls began their night with two 5-0 wins from Sophomore Amy Zheng and Senior Anna Pompeo for another squad sweep in round one. The Senior epees Victoria Pascarella and Catherine Nachtigal brought in their own wins with a 5-0 and a 5-4 respectively. Freshman walk-on Elysa Jordan put her new skills to the test and came up with a resounding 5-1 finish. Jordan's first varsity win completed the Chatham girls round one sweep for the epee squad and the whole team. Round one score: Chatham 9, Kinnelon 0. Round two sabres Braza and Hofheinz each handed in a 5-2 win. Kinnelon's Lee earned her first varsity win, and the first ever by a KHS girl, by edging out Chatham's Marie Field in a close 4-5 finish. Chatham's foil girls reprised thier first round with two more 5-0 wins by Pompeo and fellow Senior Grace Tam. With the total score at 13-1, Zheng's forfeit win clinched the team outcome at 14-1. With victory secure, Coach Lauren Fuchs pushed all of her newly minted epee girls onto the strip for some well earned experience and fun. Jordan and Sophomores Dorothy Zhang and Grace Hofheinz all worked hard, but the Kinnelon epees each got their first varsity wins this time around, bringing the round two tally to 14-4 for Chatham. Round three Hofheinz's sabre bout went back and forth to a 3-4, before adding two in a row to win 5-4. Freshman walk-on Isabella Gianusso scored her first varsity touch, but was beat back by Lee's second win for the night. Braza wrapped up the sabre girls with her third 5-2 victory, giving sabres a 7-2 squad finish. Foils Tam, Zheng, and Pompeo allowed only one single touch against them for the night with the two Kinnelon foils, with a squad sweep of 9-0 and a total score of 30-1. With a lot of excitement and no pressure, Jordan included two doubles in her 5-4 win. Hofheinz landed three doubles before finishing 4-5. Returning Sophomore Annesha Ghosh, surrounded by all of her team mates, raised the roof as she landed 5 touches in a row in 11 seconds, completing the Chatham girls' victory of 21-6.
    The boy's sabres set off with last year's undefeated NJAC Men's Sabre Champion, Junior Darren Yen setting the bar at 5-0. This season Yen is joined by several tournament experienced club mates, including Freshman Marshall Hong who's first bout went 5-2 and Freshman Preston Yen who won with a 5-1, for the sweep. Hard working walk-on foils, Freshmen Jayden Halkiopoulus and Ryan Yeakel and Sophomore Dylan Salinger, got their feet wet on the varsity strip with very successful results. The three of them were well balanced against the brand new Kinnelon foil squad. Halkiopoulus won his first varsity bout 5-2, followed by Yeakel's 5-3, and Salinger fell to the KHS C-strip making foil Connor Morris the first KHS boy to win a fencing bout. Returning Sophomore epee Vendant Kudalkar staged a comeback to win 5-4. Senior Calvin Bitar finished his bout quickly with a 5-1. Freshman Michael Zhang won his first bout 5-3 for an epee round sweep and a round one total of Chatham 8, Kinnelon 1. The round two sabre bouts of Hong, Yen-P, Yen-D were a continuation of the uneven match up with 5-0, 5-1, 5-2 wins. Foils Yeakel, Salinger, and Halkiopoulus reprised their 2-1 squad result and set the team stage at 13-2. Bitar clinched the team's result with a 5-2 win. Zhang came close to another win with a 4-5 and Kudalkar cleaned up round two with a solid 5-1. Chatham 15, Kinnelon 3. Round three the sabres subbed in a whole new squad with Freshman Henry Epstein, Senior Stephen Ratner, and Sophomore Vincent Liu who out matched the KHS with the exact same scores as the first two rounds, 5-0, 5-1, 5-2, giving the six sabres a 9-0 sweep and a total score of 45-9. Foils Salinger, Halkiopoulus, and Yeakel worn from two bouts each of their first meet fell 0-3, with a respectable 4-5 squad finish. Epees Zhang and Kudalkar continued in round three with victories of 5-4 and 5-1. Coach Lauren Fuchs subbed in walk-on Junior Jakob Lieberman for the last bout of the meet, which he finished to cheering with a 5-3 win and a squad total of 8-1. Final score: Chatham 21, Kinnelon 6.
    Our sincere welcome and congratulations to the Kinnelon HS fencing team and Coach Sean McAuliffe on the start of their first varsity season.