• Girls Cross Country
    Morris County Championships
    Hello XC Families,

    This afternoon our team competed in the Morris County Cross Country Championships at Greystone Park.  The Varsity team was missing two of their top 5 runners, but the other girls stepped up and the team finished in 8th place (out of 21) with 240 points and an average time of 21:32.  Ally Franz led the team with a season best time and 18th place finish, which earned her a medal and a spot in the awards ceremony.  
    Ally Franz-20:18 18th
    Lindsey Bresnahan-20:54 33rd
    Lauren Davis-21:47 49th
    Carly Frohnapfel-22:17 66th
    Moira Horan-22:23 74th
    Kareena Parikh-22:43 77th
    Emma Frohnapfel-24:41 114th
    The JV team placed 2nd once again, behind only Mendham.  They scored 105 points and had an average time of 23:05. The team was led by Cameron Grant and Bella Bankert who both had excellent races.
    Cameron Grant-22:29 13th
    Bella Bankert-22:43 17th
    Albane Marion-23:13 23rd
    Katie O'Neill-23:25 26th
    Veronica Hodapp-23:35 29th
    Alice Marion-23:37 30th
    Aidan Walsh-23:52 36th
    The freshman team won and was led by Annie Hallahan's first place finish for the second week in a row!
    Freshmen 4k:
    Annie Hallahan-18:00 1st
    Grace Hui-19:32 7th
    Ava Digiovanni-19:32 8th
    Emma Hartnett-21:39 14th
    Cami McKenzie-21:55 15th
    Congratulations on a great meet!
    NJAC Championships
    This afternoon the girls competed in the NJAC (North Jersey Athletic Conference) Championships at Greystone Park. The tough competition and ideal racing weather lead to several personal best times. The Varsity team placed 5th in the Large school division with 148 points and an average time of 21:40. V Runners:
    Ally Franz-20:50 18th place
    Anna VanWie-21:24 27th 
    Carly Frohnapfel-21:48 30th 
    Lauren Davis-22:01 35th
    Katie Caracciola-22:16 38th
    Anya D'Costa-22:27 46th
    Moira Horan-22:50 54th 
    Our freshmen girls dominated the Freshmen Sophomore 4k race with Annie Hallahan winning, followed by Bella Bankert in second. The team took 1st place and had an average time of 19:12!
    Annie Hallahan-17:44 1st place
    Bella Bankert-17:52 2nd
    Grace Hui-19:36 7th
    Chloe Nieliwocki-20:07 9th
    Ava DiGiovanni-20:41 13th
    Emma Hartnett-22:41 28th
    The JV Girls race was the final race of the afternoon. Our girls were racing the dark and had a spectacular race.  They finished in 2nd place with 64 points and an average time of 22:35.  
    Top 7 JV:
    Emma Frohnapfel-22:20 12th place
    Kareena Parikh-22:26 13th
    Albane Marion-22:38 16th
    Alice Marion-22:40 17th
    Aidan Walsh-22:51 20th
    Maddie Hartnett-22:51 21st
    Cameron Grant-22:52 22nd
    Manhattan Invitational
    14 of our athletes competed in the Manhattan Invitational at Vancortlandt Park, NY yesterday.  Hundreds of teams from NY, NJ, and CN competed. The JV team placed 7th out of 23 teams in the JVC race and covered the 2.5 mile course in 18:41. All 7 athletes medaled.
    Lauren Davis-24th 17:52
    Annie Hallahan-42nd 18:32
    Alice Marion-48th 18:54
    Kareena Parikh-51st 19:01
    Cameron Grant-52nd 19:02
    Katie O'Neill-57th 19:21
    Veronica Hodapp-62nd 19:33
    The Varsity team placed 13th in the very competitive VC race with an average time of 18:14.
    Ally Franz-40th 17:14
    Anya D'Costa-60th 17:49
    Carly Frohnapfel-77th 18:15
    Moira Horan-91st 18:28
    Emma Frohnapfel-129th 19:25
    Aidan Walsh-130th 19:26
    Albane Marion-133th 19:33
    Shore Coaches Invitational
    The girl's cross country team competed in the New Balance Shore Coaches Invitational at Holmdel Park yesterday.  The  60 degree weather and course were in perfect conditions for some fast times and our girls took advantage of that.  Our Varsity team took 6th place out of 19 teams in the Varsity C race.  We had an average time of 22:36 on the hilly 5k course.  Ally Franz and Anna VanWie lead the way for our team, both dropping significant time off of what they ran on this course last season. 
    Ally Franz-21:42 25th pl
    Anna VanWie-21:46 27th
    Katie Caracciolo-22:44 49th
    Carly Frohnapfel-23:02 59th
    Emma Frohnapfel-23:50 85th
    Moira Horan-24:38
    Aidan Walsh-24:44
    Our JV girls were in the JV A race, which was the fastest JV race of the day.  They placed 11th out of 20 teams with an average 5k time of 24:09.
    Alice Marion-23:58 54th pl
    Albane Marion-23:58 56th 
    Cameron Grant-24:08 64th
    Veronica Hodapp-24:13 68th
    Katie O'Neill-24:30 79th
    Carly Booth- 25:35
    Elyse Panagakos-25:40
    Our Freshmen girls were also in the most competitive race of the day, the Freshman A race.  They placed 7th out of 15 teams with an average 2 mile time of 15:33.
    Lauren Davis-14:30 11th pl
    Annie Hallahan-15:08 28th
    Kareena Parikh-15:41 42nd
    Bella Bankert-16:00 54th
    Chloe Nieliwocki-16:27 67th
    Grace Hui-16:51
    Ava DiGiovanni-18:01
    Emma Hartnett-19:57
    Stewart Invitational
    The freshmen girls team won the Stewart Invitational 3400m race Saturday morning 9/28 at Greystone Park. They scored 39 points and edged out second place team Rumson by 7 points. Rumson had previously beaten our team at the Roxbury invite earlier this season. Our top 7 girls:
    Lindsey Bresnahan-14:13 5th pl
    Lauren Davis-14:39 9th pl
    Kareena Parikh-15:15 12th pl
    Annie Hallahan-15:15 13th pl
    Bella Bankert-15:44 19th pl
    Chloe Nieliwocki-16:00 22nd pl
    Grace Hui-16:46 30th pl
    Congratulations Freshmen!
    Some of our top Varsity runners took a race off, so we had a new group step up to fill in their spots.  The team had some good performances, placing 11th with an average of 23:36. The Varsity runners:
    Moira Horan-23:00 35th pl
    Alice Marion-23:38 49th pl
    Emma Frohnapfel-23:39 50th pl
    Aidan Walsh-23:44 52nd pl
    Albane Marion-23:58 56th
    Katie O'Neill-24:22 65th
    Maddie Hartnett-25:26 75th
    Our JV girls were the last to compete and the weather was pretty warm at that time.  It was a competitive race and our team finished in 8th place with a 25:40 5k average.  Our top 7:
    Veronica Hodapp-23:58 18th pl
    Elyse Panagakos-25:11 42nd
    Carly Booth-25:51 57th pl
    Karen Cashel-26:13 67th pl
    Lara Yacykewych-27:07 90th pl
    Frankie Franz-27:09 91st pl
    Julia Karski-27:55 106th pl
    Dual 3 Results 9/24 @ Greystone Park
    Chatham 21, Morristown 35
    Chatham 21, West Morris 38
    The Chatham Girl's XC team defeated both Morristown and West Morris Mendham this afternoon in the final dual of the season.  Our lead runners did what they needed to do and edged out both of our competitor's top runners.  Our average time was 21:26 and we finish our dual season with a respectable 4-2 record.  
    Top 5k Runners:
    Lindsey Bresnahan-20:35 (2nd place overall)
    Ally Franz-20:46 (3rd)
    Anna VanWie-21:07 (5th)
    Katie Caracciola-22:14 (16th)
    Carly Frohnapfel-22:28 (17th)
    Anya D'Costa-22:36 (19th)
    Lauren Davis-22:54 (24th)
    Our freshmen had some excellent performances in the 2700m race. Top 3 Chatham runners:
    Annie Hallahan-12:41
    Kiera Yarcheski-14:18
    Ava Digiovanni-14:27
    And we continued to have impressive performances in the 4k race. Top 3 Chatham runners:
    Maddie Hartnett-18:29 (1st place!)
    Bella Bankert-18:55
    Jenn McNiff- 19:24
    Dual 2 Results 9/17 @ Greystone Park
    Chatham 15, Mount Olive 50
    Chatham 22, Pope John 39

    Chatham defeated both of our competitors this afternoon in the second dual meet of the season, boosting our record to 2-2. Our average 5k time was 21:19 and our top 7 finishers were:
    Ally Franz-20:33 (2nd place overall)
    Lindsey Bresnahan-20:34 (3rd place)  
    Anna VanWie-20:45 (4th place)
    Anya D'Costa-22:20 (9th place)
    Moira Horan-22:23 (10th place)
    Carly Frohnapfel-22:29 (11th place)
    Lauren Davis-22:31 (12th place)

    In the coed 4k, Aidan Walsh was the first female runner, with a fast time of 18:24.  Our next two runners were Maddie Hartnett (19:00) and Veronica Hodapp (19:01).
    In the coed 1.6 mile race, our freshmen took the top three girls' places for the second week in a row: Chloe Nieliwocki (12:38), Bella Bankert (12:42), and Annie Hallahan (13:29)
    Dual 1 Results 9/10 @ Greystone Park
    Chatham 38, Mendham 21
    Chatham 37, Randolph 21
    Chatham was defeated by two tough competitors, Mendham and Randolph in our first dual of the season. Our average 5k time was 21:36 and our top 7 finishers were:
    Ally Franz-20:58
    Anna VanWie-20:58
    Lindsey Bresnahan-20:58
    Carly Frohnapfel-22:30
    Katie Caracciolo-22:36
    Emma Frohnapfel-22:47
    Moira Horan-22:59
    In the coed 4k, Jenn McNiff had a nice performance, running 19:24.
    Most of our freshmen raced in the coed 1.6 mile race, and we took the top 3 girl's spots:
    Lauren Davis-12:41
    Kareena Parikh-12:45
    Chloe Nieliwocki-12:47
    Season Opener-Roxbury Invite 9/7/19 Results
    Our freshmen girls started off the day with an impressive 2nd place finish to Rumson in the Novice 1.6 mile race.  We scored 51 points and had an average time of 10:49.  There were 159 girls in the race and 12 teams. Our top 5 scorers were:
    Lindsey Bresnhan-4th place 9:50
    Lauren Davis-13th place 10:42
    Kareena Parikh-21st pl 11:01
    Bella Bankert-23rd pl 11:12
    Chloe Nielewocki-25th 11:23
    The Varsity Races were extremely competitive with teams from all over the state.
    Our Future Four Girls Placed 8th out of 25 teams with an average time of 23:04 on the 5k course.
    Anya D'Costa-26th pl 22:29
    Katie Caracciolo-36th pl 22:46
    Emma Frohnapfel-38th pl 22:49
    Albane Marion-69th pl 24:11
    Our Fastest Four Girls Placed 11th out of 21 teams with an average time of 21:25.
    Ally Franz-26th pl 20:31
    Anna VanWie-31st pl 20:34
    Carly Frohnapfel-64th pl 21:59
    Moira Horan-71st pl 22:37
    Our JV Placed 7th out of 12 teams with an average time of 23:29.  Our top 5 scorers:
    Aidan Walsh-18th pl 22:35
    Alice Marion-33rd pl 23:14
    Veronica Hodapp-42nd pl 23:37
    Katie O'Neill-49th pl 23:55
    Elyse Panagakos-54th pl 24:08