• Girls Cross Country
    Morris County Championships at Central Park, Greystone 10/23
    The girls cross country team had a respectable performance this afternoon in the County Championships.  Competing against 21 teams, the Varsity finished in 8th place  with an average time of 21:18.  Ally Franz lead the way with a 5k best time of 20:10.  The JV team finished in 4th with their season best average time of 23:02.  Many girls ran their best times of the season in these races.  The first race of the day, however, the Freshman 4k race, may have been the most exciting for the Cougars.  Katie O'Neill and Carly Booth went 1, 2 covering the 4k in 18:32 and 18:49.
    Varsity-8th place 232 points Ave 21:18:
    Ally Franz-22nd pl 20:10
    Anya D'Costa-46th pl 21:19
    Carly Frohnapfel-49th pl 21:23
    Leila Kirton-54th pl 21:43
    Anna Van Wie-62nd pl 21:58
    Albane Marion-82nd pl 22:35
    Leigh McCaffrey-23:07
    JV-4th place 107 points Ave. 23:02.  Top 7:
    Moira Horan-13th pl 22:25
    Aidan Walsh-15th pl 22:35
    Holly Larson-23rd pl 23:10
    Cameron Grant-24th pl 23:10
    Micah McGrath-38th pl 23:48
    Clare Hofheinz-44th pl 24:15
    Bridget McGarry-45th pl 24:18
    Freshman 4k:
    Katie O'Neill-1st pl 18:32
    Carly Booth-2nd pl 18:49
    Karen Cashel-11th pl 20:35
    Emma Nevin-17th pl 21:48
    NJAC XC Championships 10/16 at Central Park, Greystone
    The cougars had a very impressive meet this afternoon.  Almost every runner ran her season or lifetime 5k personal best time, some by over a full minute, and the team's average times also dropped significantly.  
    Varsity Large School 5k-6th place (out of 13 teams) 156 points with an average team time of 21:16
    Ally Franz-15th pl 20:19
    Carly Frohnapfel-30th pl 21:15
    Anya D'Costa-31st pl 21:16
    Leigh McCaffrey-39th pl 21:41
    Anna Van Wie-41st pl 21:50
    Leila Kirton-44th pl 21:55
    Albane Marion-49th pl 22:19
    JV Large and Small Combined 5k Race-5th place (out of 14 teams) 147 points with an average team time of 23:27
    Top 7 Runners:
    Aidan Walsh-19th pl 22:33
    Cameron Grant-30th pl 23:09
    Holly Larson-35th pl 23:22
    Micah McGrath-44th pl 24:07
    Alice Marion-52nd pl 24:09
    Maia Horowitz-55th pl 24:13
    Julia Piness-67th pl 24:41
    Frosh/Soph Large and Small Combined 4k Race
    Katie O'Neill-3rd pl 18:11
    Carly Booth-8th pl 18:49
    Emma Nevin-24th pl 20:56
    Norah Murphy-25th pl 21:10
    Keren Guo-44th pl 24:31
    Manhattan XC Invitational 10/13 at Van Cortlandt Park, NYC
    The girl's xc team competed in the competitive Manhattan Invite today against teams from all over the northeast.  The races were 2.5 miles long on the hilly historic course.  
    The Varsity crew placed 13th out of 24 teams in the V D race with an average time of 17:44:
    Ally Franz-52nd 17:04
    Anya D'Costa-70th 17:28
    Anna Van Wie-78th 17:34
    Carly Frohnapfel-84th 17:51
    Albane Moran-118th 18:41
    Aidan Walsh-131st 18:57
    Moira Horan-140th 19:29
    The JV runners placed 5th out of 19 teams in the JV B 2.5 mile race with an average time of 18:50:
    Leigh McCaffrey-16th 18:08
    Leila Kirton-29th 18:33
    Cameron Grant-37th 18:50
    Holly Larson-41st 18:55
    Micah McGrath-67th 19:42
    Maia Horowitz-70th 19:48
    Julia Piness-85th 20:21
    Shore Coaches XC Invitational 10/6 @ Holmdel Park
    The Chatham girls ran three excellent races on the hilly Holmdel Park course this afternoon.  The Varsity girls placed 8th in their division (V A) with an average 5k time of 22:52 and an impressive 1-5 split of only 51 seconds.  Several of the girls ran their personal best times!
    Ally Franz-40th pl 22:26
    Anya D'Costa-49th pl 22:49
    Leigh McCaffrey-50th pl 22:55
    Carly Frohnapfel-51st pl 22:56
    Anna Van Wie-59th pl 23:17
    Moira Horan-64th pl 23:23
    Albane Marion-73rd pl 23:45
    The JV girls had a 4th place finish in the JV B 5k race with an average of 24:57 and also a 1-5 split under a minute.  Top 7 girls:
    Aidan Marion-28th pl 24:23
    Holly Larson-33rd pl 24:41
    Cameron Grant-39th pl 25:10
    Clare Hofheinz-40th pl 25:14
    Maia Horowitz-43rd pl 25:19
    Julia Piness-56th pl 25:44
    Morgan Robinson-103rd 28:58
    The Freshmen girls placed 8th in the competitive 2.1 mile Frosh A race.
    Katie O'Neill-27th pl 15:58
    Alice Marion-38th pl 16:15
    Carly Booth-46th pl 16:40
    Karen Cashel-66th pl 17:43
    Norah Murphy-85th pl 18:54
    Emma Nevin-86th pl 18:57
    Stewart Invitational 9/29 at Central Park, Greystone
    The girls XC team had a great day at the meet this morning.  The day began with our impressive Freshmen crew taking home 3rd place in the 2.2 mile race.  They scored 69 points.
    Carly Frohnapfel-6th pl 14:13
    Katie OŃeill-12th pl 15:31
    Alice Marion-24th pl 16:11
    Carly Booth-28th pl 16:24
    Emma Nevin-58th pl 18:37
    Norah Murphy-66th pl 19:37
    The next race of the day was the Varsity 5k A Race.  A few of our usual top V runners did not race, but this group of ladies stepped up and most ran their best times of the season.  They placed 9th out of 15 teams with 222 points.
    Leigh McCaffrey-43rd 22:41.07
    Anya DÇosta-44th 22:41.71
    Leila Kirton-45th 22:43
    Anna Van Wie-51st 23:07
    Albane Marion-66th 23:48
    Aidan Walsh-71st 24:09
    Micah McGrath-82nd 24:52
    The last race of the day was the combined JV race.  Again, most of our runners had their best times of the season, and they placed 6th with 191 points.
    Holly Larson-31st 24:25
    Maia Horowitz-41st 24:48
    Julia Piness-43rd 24:52
    Clare Hofheinz-53rd 25:08
    Morgan Robinson-109th 27:52
    Victoria Pereira-117th 28:48
    Royce Ankel-129th 30:05
    Dual Meet 2 at Central Park, Greystone 9/17
    Chatham 28
    Mount Olive 31
    Chatham 34
    Pope John 23
    The Cougars edged out Mount Olive in their second rainy dual of the season by putting a large pack of runners in front of their number 4 and 5 runners.  Pope John, however, had a strong day and took the win over Chatham.
    Chatham's top 7 5k runners (place out of combined race of 70 runners):
    Ally Franz-21:49 7th place
    Carly Frohnapfel-23:03 14th
    Anya D'Costa-23:26 16th
    Leigh McCaffrey-23:29 17th
    Leila Kirton-23:38 19th
    Anna VanWie-23:56 22nd
    Micah McGrath-24:04 23rd
    Chatham's top 3 Freshmen/JV 1.6 mile race:
    Katie O'Neill-12:54 8th pl
    Alice Marion-13:15 11th
    Karen Cashel-14:14 24th
    Full results to the duals can be found at mctrack.org
    Morristown 22, Chatham 34
    West Morris 21, Chatham 34
    Chatham was defeated by two tough competitors, Morristown and West Morris Central, in their first dual meet at Central Park, Greystone. Conditions were rainy and humid. Many of the girls competed in their first cross country 5k today and there were some impressive performances. 
    Top 7 runners (place out of combined race of 63 girls):
    Ally Franz-21:50 5th pl
    Carly Frohnapfel-23:03 10th
    Moira Horan-23:10 11th
    Leigh McCaffrey-23:31 14th
    Leila Kirton-23:54 15th
    Aidan Walsh-23:57 16th
    Holly Larson-24:20 21st
    Freshman/JV 1.6 mile Race:
    Katie O'Neill-12:50 7th pl
    Alice Marion-13:20 14th 
    Carly Booth-13:49 18th 
    Emma Nevin-15:16 28th 
    Norah Murphy-15:30 30th 
    We had a great morning kicking off the season at the Roxbury Invitational yesterday 9/8.  Due to the ACT testing, we had a smaller than usual crew.  The weather was perfect and the course was fast.  Unfortunately, all the girls future 4 race times are most likely about 60 seconds or so faster than an actual 5k time due to a course mistake.  Freshmen race times could be slightly off too.  Neither of theses errors were our girls' faults.  The important thing is that we experienced our first race and had fun!
    Here are a few top runners from each race:
    Girls Freshmen 2.2 mile race-2nd place.
    Carly Frohnapfel-5th place in 16:00, Katie O'Neill-16:56 18th, Alice Marion-17:35 31st
    Future 4 5k Race-12th place
    Micah McGrath-22:06 (adjusted 23:06) 46th, Maia Horowitz-22:14 (adjusted 23:14) 48th, Clare Hofheinz-22:30 (adjusted 23:30) 55th
    Fastest 4 5k Race-11th place
    Ally Franz-20:29, 21st place, Leila Kirton-22:42 61st, Aidan Walsh-22:43 66nd
    JV Race-Anna VanWie-23:46 25th, Cameron Grant-24:11 30th