• Here are some "Wonderful Websites" that can be enjoyed by students, faculty, and families!

    Educational Sites for Kids

    Awesome Library - Awesome Library for Kids, includes section for teachers – pick the grade and subject – get lesson plans, worksheets, tests and more – kids can get that extra help they need while playing games, watching videos, and doing worksheets.

    Discovery - games sites, videos, puzzles and other things – click on what discovery show your interested in and away you go. See bloopers, meet the hosts and see behind the scenes.  

    Franklin Institute – guided tours, information – history behind the planetarium and the different exhibits - future exhibits previewed

    National Geographic for Kids - a treasure trove of information to promote science and discovery for students

    Search Engines for Kids

    Kiddle- a great search engine that is student friendly with filters already in place.

    Great Reading Sites for Students