• Here are some "Wonderful Websites" that can be enjoyed by students, faculty and families!

    Educational Sites for Kids

    Awesome Library - awesome library for kids, includes section for teachers – pick the grade and subject – get lesson plans, worksheets, tests and more – kids can get that extra help they need, while playing games and seeing videos and doing worksheets


    Discovery - games sites, videos, puzzles and other things – click on what discovery show your interested in and away you go. See bloopers, meet the hosts and see behind the scenes.  Also gives the schedule of when you can watch it on television.


    Franklin Institute – guided tours, information – history behind the planetarium and the different exhibits - future exhibits previewed


    Search Engines for Kids

    Kid's Yahoo - a great search engine that is kid related with filters already in place.

    Ask for kid's - search engine for kids – ask jeeves for kids
    Great Reading Sites for Students
    Sites For Teachers

    National Geographic -  multimedia site – national geographic kids, great science experiments, articles

    Teacher's scholastic site - scholastic for teachers and parents



    Technology Based Sites

    Mapquest  - Similar to google earth with a few different options, a bit easier to navigate. 

    Quest Garden - This is a very helpful site for this class, it is very user-friendly.  And could easily turn out to be a teachers best friend.  The kids will love working with one of these quests.

    Podcasts - This site has podcasts that are educational based, once at the site the number of links is amazing.

    Technology Worksheets - This is a site that most teachers would love to have, it has all kinds of links to different subjects such as science, math, language and holidays.  Each subject has coloring pages, mazes and puzzles.