• Reporting Student Absences and Late Arrivals







    If your child will be arriving late, or if they will be absent, you must record this using the Genesis Parent Portal.


          The safety and well-being of your children is the responsibility of the school during school hours.  For that reason, we are obligated to contact you to verify your child’s whereabouts if you do not report your child’s absence from school.      


         Please log onto the Genesis Parent Portal to report all absences and late arrivals.  Since school begins at 8:55 am, parents should enter this information prior to 9:00am(Parents of afternoon kindergartners should enter absences or late arrivals by 12:40pm)  If you do not report your child’s absence or tardiness, your child's absence is considered "unverified" and our system will alert you automatically in voice mail and text messages. 



    Frequently asked questions about attendance


                1.  If I email my child's teacher, nurse or the office, do I still have to enter the information on the portal?

    Yes.  Recording absences and late arrivals on the Genesis Parent Portal is the only official way to report an absence to the school.  Teachers and staff do not have access to the portal--only parents can add this information.   


                2.  What if we are taking a trip in a few months?  Can I put the information in Genesis ahead of time?

    Yes.  You do not have to wait until the day of the trip to record information on Genesis.


        3.  Are there any absences that are considered to be “excused”?

    Yes.  If your child must miss school because of religious observances (or for the official "Take Your Child To Work Day" in the spring), please state this in the Parent Portal.  We will make sure that these absences are not counted in the cumulative total used for report cards and/or the state attendance report.


          4. If my child is late to school, can they just go directly to the classroom?

    No.  Please have your child report to the main office, so their attendance status can be changed from “absent” to “tardy”.  If they are at school, we certainly want to make sure they get credit for being here.