Great Websites for

    students, teachers and parents

    EBSCOHost - a searchable database with an encyclopedia, comprehensive magazine collection, and NoveList K-8 for finding great books to read! 
    Library of the Chathams catalog - the library catalog of our public library and the county collection
    Biblionasium - community website where students share their book selections.  Requires free membership.
    Library of Congress - searchable digital collection of historical artifacts.  All content is free to use - in the public domain.

    Educational Sites for Kids

    Scholastic - scholastic magazine in a fun new way – see the articles and do the puzzles while saving a tree

    Discovery - games sites, videos, puzzles and other things – click on what discovery show your interested in and away you go. See bloopers, meet the hosts and see behind the scenes.  Also gives the schedule of when you can watch it on television.

    Franklin Institute – guided tours, information – history behind the planetarium and the different exhibits - future exhibits previewed

    Search Engines for Kids

    Kiddle.co (Kid's Google)  -search engine for kids – google, kid friendly, with filters

    KidRex - also powered by Google
    Great Reading Sites for Students
    KidsReads - site that features author interviews and in-depth look at books, authors, writing
    ReadKiddoRead - James Patterson's site on reading, discovering books of interest
    Read.gov - Library of Congress children's site
    Wonderopolis - site for exploring curiosities and wonder


Last Modified on September 5, 2017