• 1. A student-athlete who transfers from one secondary school to another because of a bona fide change of residence by his/her parents or guardians, or through assignment by the Board of Education, becomes eligible to represent his/her new school immediately upon entrance unless recruitment or transfer for athletic advantage is alleged and provided all other eligibility regulations are satisfied.


    2. Both the former and new school must complete a transfer form affirmatively stating that the transfer is a bona fide change of residence and that there was no athletic recruitment or a transfer for athletic advantage


    3. The Student-Athlete Residency Affidavit is required for (ALL TRANSFERS) and must be submitted into the NJSIAA HOME CAMPUS TRANSFER PORTAL. 


    4. Click the link below to complete the Residency Affidavit and send it back to the Chatham HS Athletic Department immediately if interested in participating in athletics. 


    NJSIAA Student-Athlete Residency Affidavit