• Alternative Physical Education Overview 

    Individualized Student Learning (ISL)

    Grades 10 - 12

    Please be advised that Individualized Student Learning (ISL) provides students with the opportunity to meet New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Physical Education in a setting other than the traditional classroom. Participation in activities such as gymnastics, dance, competitive swimming and competitive sports can be used as an alternative to a 57-minute daily physical education class if the student can demonstrate that he or she is learning the standards that would be guiding the instruction developed by the physical education teacher. This alternative program must span a full year and must consist of direct instruction, formative assessment, and be aligned to our physical education standards. An ISL may not replace the health portion of our physical education program. All students are expected to attend their health class during the weeks in which it is scheduled.

    If approved for Individualized Student Learning in physical education, the student will receive a copy of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education. They should review Standard 2.2: Physical Wellness. Careful attention should be given to the cumulative progress indicators that are to be addressed “by the end of grade 12.” In order to grant physical education credit under ISL, the SDOC requires the student to keep a journal where they document the ways in which they are learning this standard through practice, training, and participation in competition. The CHS ISL coordinator will provide the student with more information following approval of the request.

    Journal entries must be reviewed by a certified physical education teacher who will then make a recommendation to award credit.

    In addition, NJ State Statute 18A: 35-5, 7 and 8 requires a minimum number of minutes of participation in physical education weekly. The student must be present for either four or more days per week (including up to 1 weekend session) for 1 hour per session of supervised instruction, or three or more weekday sessions (not including weekends) for 1.5 hours per session of supervised instruction. A weekly log of hours must be included at the beginning of each weekly journal entry.

    For additional information please contact: 

    Lisa Lattarulo, Supervisor of Student Health & Well-Being, K-12
    Karen Leister, Supervisor of Student Health & Well-Being, K-12