Scheduling Information for students currently in grades 9, 10 & 11

  • Scheduling Information for 2021-2022 for Current Grade 9, 10 & 11 


    Program of Studies 2022-2023

    • This document contains all of the available courses. Included in the document are course descriptions, prerequisites, and grade level limitations.  This document also contains an overview of our policies regarding grading and schedule changes.

    Elective Videos

    • Students may view short video commercials that provide additional information regarding our available electives for grade 9 students. 

    How to Select Electives in the Parent Portal

    Requirements for Graduation

    • Overview of the courses and credits required for graduation

    Virtual Course Options (Educere)

    • Information regarding virtual courses and policies.


    Scheduling Timeline

    January 12 -25 - Teachers communicate course recommendations for next year with students. Students will be recommended for the same level course. If the teacher would like to recommend a level change they would have a conversation with the student. If a student would like to be considered for a level change they should discuss this with their teacher during this time. 

    January 12 - February 4 - Teachers input recommendations in Genesis. 

    February 7 - 13 -  Parents/Students view recommendations and select elective requests in the parent portal. Please read the linked document to learn how to select electives in the portal. These selections will be finalized during a planned student/counselor scheduling meeting.  Changes may be made during the meeting. Therefore, selections in the portal are not final selections. If you need to make changes or miss this window you should attend your scheduling meeting with your selections. 


    Student / Counselor Schedule Meetings

    Students will be scheduled for a 15-minute meeting with their counselor to finalize course requests. Your assigned meeting date and time will be shared by your counselor through email and Schoology. Please make note of your scheduled time. You may want to consider adding a reminder on your calendar or phone.  This is a meeting between the counselor and the student only. Any questions regarding scheduling may be directed to the assigned counselor at any time. 

    February 14 - February 18 - Counselors schedule the class of 2023 

    February 28- March 4- Counselors schedule the class of 2024

    March 7- 11 - Counselors schedule the class of 2025

    April 1 - 30

    • CHS begins the scheduling process.
    • Course requests changes will  not be processed at this time

    May 1- 31

    • CHS counselors will review student schedules to check for accuracy and conflicts regarding elective requests. All students will be scheduled for the core academic courses that they requested.  
    • CHS counselors will reach out to students and parents if decisions regarding course electives need to be made. 


    Schedules will be available in the portal in June.  If you have questions or changes to request, you can reach out to your assigned counselor. Schedule changes are dependent upon the availability of open seats. If a course is full, the student will be added to a waitlist. The counselors will review the waitlist throughout the summer to check for open seats as a result of schedule changes. 

    June 8 - (Seniors) Deadline for lab assistant request forms (see your counselor for required forms prior to this date)


    Waiver Information

    It is recommended to follow the recommendations made by your teachers. These recommendations are made with the knowledge of the student as well as the requirements of the CHS courses. If a student decides to waive into a higher level a parent must complete a waiver request form for the department that the course is assigned to.  Department supervisors are available to discuss course levels.  Supervisor Contact Information Can Be Found Here.

    • A student who waives into a course must remain in that course for the first half of semester 1. The ability to drop to a lower level is dependent upon the availability of open seats. The grade that the student earned in the higher-level course follows the student to the new course. 
    • Waiver forms must be completed for all courses you are requesting a waiver in. The waiver forms close on March 18 at the end of the school day. 
    • A second waiver window will open from May 16 - May 20 This is after the master schedule has been built. Waivers will be subject to the availability of open seats during this window. 

    Course Waiver Windows

    March 11 - March 18 - Waiver window #1

    May 16 - May 20 - Waiver window #2


    Waiver Request Submission Forms


    2. Math

    3. Science

    4. Social Studies

    5. Computer Science

    6. World Language

    Summer Waivers:

      Over the summer we will accept requests for course waivers. These requests will be considered based on the following requirements:

    1. There is a rationale for the decision to waive. For example, the student completed a summer course that prepared him/her for the course requesting a waiver. There is an extenuating circumstance regarding why a waiver should be considered.
    2. There are open seats in the course that the student is requesting a waiver for.  Waivers will not be processed until the third week of August. Students will remain on a waitlist until that time. 
     A form to request a course waiver over the summer will be made available at the conclusion of the school year